Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few years, you would have heard about nitrogen gas for tyres. Here is more information about the same…


  • Nitrogen reduces the running temperature of the tyre. The moisture content of nitrogen leads to a cooler running tyre, which is advantageous when the car or bike is operating at its maximum load and speed capacity.
  • Nitrogen in tyres improves the ride quality. That gas is very slightly lighter than air and thus, benefits the tires in terms of un-sprung weight.
  • It is assumed that Nitrogen increases tyre life. It reduces the operating temperature during times of load and speed and thus, enhances the life of a tyre.
  • It is believed that nitrogen keeps tyre pressures more constant. The gas is assumed to provide more stable pressure range in connection to the tyre temperature. However, again, the factor is applicable in times of heavy load/high-speed conditions.
  • Tyres are susceptible to loss of pressure as a result of being porous in nature. Due to its chemical structure, Nitrogen leak out slowly as compared to compressed air. Therefore, it slows the rate of pressure loss.
  • Oxygen reacts with the tyre and rim materials causing oxidation or the rust formation in the metal parts. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, does not react with the tyre and rim materials.


  • Inflating tires with Nitrogen is quite costly.
  • Filling tyres with nitrogen requires more maintenance as compared to compressed gas.
  • The availability factor is the biggest disadvantage of inflating tyres with nitrogen, as the gas is not readily available. It is usually found only with specialist tyre dealers.
  • Generally it is not that much advantageous in case of commuter bikes. Moreover 78% of air is itself nitrogen. It is advantageous only in case of Formula cars, High speed racing cars & motorcycles & High load carriage vehicle.

Mahavir Kothari

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  • star4ulove

    Nice to have such information to normal Users of cars and Bikes. thanks..

  • Great Info…

    But, I heard that cars give out good mileage figures after filling up with Nitrogen. Is it true?

  • Sohel

    have used dis gas on my FZ tyres and to my surprise the tyres kept on getting punchured and i figured it out that there is some thing wrong wit dis gas n got removed it. Now the tyres doesnt trouble me n e longer.

    • Des

      Did you use dis gas or your own gas?

      • ShitMan

        I filled y tyres with FARTING GAS and boo! the bike is now flying, i’m not kidding, i havd done this on a Karizma ZMR and its giving me an amazing mileage of 100KMPL.. Also the bike handling is very great. Wheels wont wear out as well, and once you fill it, leave it because you wont never ever need to check pressure of refill it again… it is such a powerful gas… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • fas

    I guess Nitrogen is just a recent hype. Let it cool and then see what happens.

    P.S It takes time to fill too.

  • Vikram

    Thats a great article. It clears many myths about filling nitrogen gas. I have a doubt. When I’m filling nitrogen for the first time what would they do? Empty out all the compressed gas first and refill?

    • mandeep


      • Vinothkumar R

        yes, couple of days back only i filled nitrogen gas for my car for first time, they released the compressed air from the tyre and filled the nitrogen gas, and the topup of nitrogen gas for one year will be at free of cost.

  • Prashant

    Vikram: yeah they depressurize your tires and fill in Nitrogen.

    Nitrogen tires run cooler, so it’s advantageous if you do extremely long distances everyday. At 10 bucks per refill, and 60+ km a day on the bike at speeds which are 60-70, I think I’m justified in using it.

  • Prashant

    @sohel: Nitrogen doesn’t cause puntcures.. Whatever was causing your puntures is some reason other than nitrogen..

    I guess the FZ runs on tubeless, so if you had a puncture before, maybe that wasn’t fixed properly. Or maybe it was just the heat. The summer’s been really horrid this time ’round. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • santhosh

    I have bought a new FZS last 3 weeks backs can any one tell what is excat tire pressure for this bike company say 29fornt and 33 back.. i have filled wiht nitrogen ..its good for tube less tire.. pls reply me

  • Amrit

    @ Santosh
    nitrogen is bullshit thing i too have FZS…. thought of filling once but someone told me it is worthless…
    Simple compressed air itself has 78% nitro

  • sanThosh

    Could you please say me the exact tire pressure for CBZ Xtreme…

    • Gopu

      front 20psi back 33psi (with pillon driving)

      • Gopu

        sorry, front 29psi back 33psi (with pillon driving)

  • biker

    79% of air which goes in our tyres already comprises of nitrogen. i wonder how the remaiining 21% is going to make a difference ! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yogesh Sethi

      Dear .21% impurity in gas can make a big difference–you are talking about 21 %.In automobile sector most of the compressor are filled with nitrogen only(99.999% Pure Nitrogen)In food industry they used to fill nitrogen in packs again 99.999% pure—-

    • Saket

      78% of air has nitrogen but its an inert and lighter gas, so is found almost 20 to 25 kms above earth’s surface. So, the simple compressed air in tyres comprises of mainly oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxide . ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alfy

    I filles nitros to my accent..its working fine no defects….people go ahead wit the nitros for the car its doing well

  • Alfy

    I filled nitros to my Hyundai Accent..its working fine no defectsโ€ฆ.people go ahead wit the nitros for the car its doing well…i paid 200 bugs for 5 tyres

  • Durgesh Patel

    I don’t know what is it that FZ owners are against Nitrogen. Nitrogen increases fuel average and that alone is a justified reason for switching to nitrogen.

    Regarding the argument that Normal air contains 77% Nitro. The remaining 23% will make all the difference, since 100% Nitro 27 times slow(Nitrogen molecules are bigger then air molecules) then normal air. The only real issue in my view is the availability.

    Go for Nitro!!!

  • Venkatachalam

    I was charged Rs.60/- for first time and a top up Rs.40/- at Santhi Service Stastion, Meenabmakkam Chennai. Is it really so costly?

  • abhijit

    I was charged 40 bugs with first top free …….
    No issue against

  • dinesh

    from a rubber technoligist point of view, butyl rubber has low permeability for nitrogen. go for nitrogen.
    we can go

  • abi

    i have royal enfield with alloy wheels on it.i am thinking of nitro in it.please comment……….

  • Pran

    I filled Nitro on my i-10 2 months back ,in 2 months it leaked 5-8psi is it normal rate of reduction for nitro. i topped it up with normal air , is it right?

  • Kumar

    hey guys… no matter u like it or not ifu see the fuel price rather u can give some 50 Rs and change it to nitro really its worth i have a karizma i can feel suspension in indian roads

  • Ketan

    I’m would like to fill nitrogen in my motorbike……This article cleared my questions……..

  • great to see this article.. But i dint found an ans for fuel consumption.
    Using nitrogen gas increases fuel economy.as weight decreases of tyres.. Waiting for helpfull reply


    i would like to fill nitrogen in my bike tyres, my friend already used it , he says: it feel uncomfortable while riding in above 60kmh , the bike loss it control and it realy difficult to handling at time of sudden breake………. is it true ???????????
    pls, clarify…………

  • Kishore

    I filled Nitro gas in my SPARK Car, tyre sound is like Race car. no Smooth sound and its costly too.

  • anjali

    gud info… thks…..