OFFICIAL: Project Livewire – Harley’s First Ever Electric Motorcycle [Pics & Details]

Harley Davidson has unveiled its Project Livewire which entails the Milwaukee based company’s first electric motorcycle. With rising fuel prices and impending doom on the global crude oil reserves, many manufacturers are shifting their focus to hybrid and electric vehicles. Project Livewire is Harley Davidson’s answer to that.

Harley-Davidson-Project-Livewire-electric (2)

The company has gone one step ahead by inviting a select batch of customers across America to ride the bike and give feedback, based on which the engineers at Harley Davidson will work on its improvement. Those who are not able to get a ride on the motorcycle now, can later experience it via Jumpstart. The Jumpstart is Harley Davidson’s signature way to making inexperienced riders enjoy the feel of Harleys on a stationary stand.

Yes, we know many of you will be disappointed that an electric Harley would not give the same feel and rumble of the traditional internal combustion engine. The officials from Harley said that Project Livewire is not just about mind numbing acceleration figures but an unmistakeable new sound. Something like a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier! Yes this seems to have woken us as well from our mid-day siesta!

Harley-Davidson-Project-Livewire-electric (7)

The Project Livewire embarks on a 30 city tour in the US to give few customers an idea of what the motorcycle is all about. The first four stops are New York, Milwaukee, Boston followed by Philadelphia. Fans can learn more about the concept via a special microsite put up by Harley Davidson.

This is the next level of Harley. How good or bad it will be, only time will tell!

Harley Davidson Electric Project Livewire Pics: