Prices Slashed: Honda CBR250R gets Cheaper by Rs 7600

What this Interim Union Budget has provided is a leeway to auto manufacturers amidst the continuous falling sales by slashing the excise duties on automobiles. For bikes (and all two wheelers), our Finance Minister has reduced the excise duties from 12 percent to 8 percent resulting in a 4 percent room for auto manufacturers to play with.


Like other manufacturers, Honda has also shared with us the official note informing about the price reduction. The company has decided to pass on the complete 4% reduction to the customers which means all their scooters and motorcycles will become cheaper by at least 1600 and max by Rs 7600.

Accordingly, the costliest Honda CBR250R receives the highest price slash by as much as Rs 7600 on the ex-showroom prices. Dream Neo being the cheapest Honda on offer in India, receives the lowest Rs 1600 price reduction. Everything in between gets reduced by ~4% on the ex-showroom prices, inadvertently meaning even bigger savings on the on-road prices. An even better news is that the new reduced prices are already in effect!

Though it is not mentioned in the press release, according to the official site, here are the ex-showroom and On-Road Prices of CBR250R (We hope they are the updated ones):

Honda CBR250R Prices in Delhi:

Model Ex-Showroom On-Road
CBR 250R Pearl Sunbeam White -STD 152241 167482
CBR 250R Sports Red / Black Color-STD 151277 166430
CBR 250R Sports Red / Black Color-ABS 179224 196934
CBR 250R Pearl Sunbeam White -ABS 180188 197986
CBR 250R REPSOL -ABS 185922 204245


But remember, this budget is valid till June this year before the results of the Lok Sabha elections. And if we get a new Government at the centre, they may decide to revoke the decision and bring us back to the old levels. So, if you are a fence sitter till now, waiting for some ‘good’ news to ring your bells, we believe, this is it!

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