Auto Expo: Honda Unveils Sharp CX-01 Concept CROSS Motorcycle; Pics & Details

Honda had been exhibiting a distinctly natty set of wheels during the recently concluded Expo. They were calling it the CX-01 Concept and a heck of an idea it seemed to be – naked, with a big-bore mill, headlight and cowl similar to the face of a perpetually disgruntled wasp, and the upturned exhaust assembly threatening to Hoover-in anybody approaching the shapely posterior too close for comfort.


Honda claims the CX-01 has been conceived, designed and developed in India. If that be the case, bravo!

The Concept had the presence for one thing, but would it bite?

That seems likely. The wheels were shod with meaty rubber and deceleration duty was apparently given over to perforated Tokico discs on both wheels. Now, you wouldn’t bother for that kind of stopping prowess unless you can get up to a decent speed in the first place; and that, in turn, would suggest something juicy.


I would think a displacement of 250 – 300 cc might be the figure one could hope for. The console is fully digital; and so no way of knowing how many KMPH the speedo has been calibrated to. The handlebar and the saddle though would suggest a jaunty, uptown ride with a lot of gel in the hair and a ‘T’ taunting others to dare.

In a note put up by Honda, the CX-01 is a CROSS concept which possesses onroad styling with base for outdoor performance. Honda also sounded upbeat and said this model will create a new trend in the Indian Motorcycle market. We liked what we saw and if Honda can get a production model anyway near this, we see another winner from the Japs.

A welcome move by Honda; that is, if they hustle up in bringing the CX-01 to the showrooms.

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