Poll: Will Honda CBR250R Crush Ninja 250R?

I really don’t think most of the biking enthusiasts would have forgotten 7th October 2009, as this was the day when India got the first Indian-condition-conducive, quarter liter twin cylinder sportsbike, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Since then it has been an every bikers dream bike. It found many takers and made a mark by completing sale of 1000 units in a year. For those who could afford the supreme price tag of over 3 lakh (OTR), it was a dream fulfillment but unfortunately, for many it still remained a dream.

Many people came over and questioned the higher price tag of this bike praying that one day someone will launch something as grand and put it more in an affordable bracket. Come 1st January 2011, it was the company least expected to do that! Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India launched the magnanimous looking CBR250R at an astonishing price of 1.5 lakh ex showroom, in turn giving all precedents of making it a huge hit in the market.

We already have known the Ninja for what its 8 valve twin cylinder engine is capable of. And considering CBR as a package, it definitely makes a fantabulos per buck value. That takes us to a few questions:

  • What do you think would be the fate of CBR in India?
  • Will it beat Ninja in sales?
  • Will it be overshadow Ninja as a product?
  • And finally, will CBR Crush Ninja?

Alongwith is also tagged a poll for you. We would want to hear from you about what do you feel for the above mentioned questions because it is ‘you’ people who have the power to answer all the above questions!

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