Welcome to another bike comparison poll from BikeAdvice. There’s been a lot of debate between Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi and TVS Apache RTR 180. Now it is your turn to express yourself…

Given these 2 bikes, which one would you pick?

  • Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTSi (53%, 391 Votes)
  • TVS Apache RTR 180 (50%, 372 Votes)

Total Voters: 738

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    This is not worth comparison.
    220 is above apache 180.
    PULSAR 220

    • ASHISH

      pulsar 220 ANYTIME

  • Is apache comparing with the fastest Indian ? ? ?
    No way . . .
    apache should compared with (ONLY) pulsar 180.

    • Saran

      Why do you take it as an absolute comparison?
      Take it relative. Don’t compare top speed of P220 and RTR180.

      But see what RTR could do with 180 as compared to Pulsar with 220?

      • ujjwal

        u r right 220 is nothing against apache 180 my friends have both they had race and 220 lost the race

    • deepak

      dude cum lets see on road don,t see d cc.i promise u dat apache vil crush u r 220 ego

      • vineeth

        so funny…..rofl:-)

    • abhishek

      dnt worry apache rtr 200 n rtr 250 is cmg dude to f..k the pulsers

      • divyansh

        hey abhishek…….r u serious????
        i dont think thats true

    • sidharth

      p180 is no where near to apache rtr 180 buddy

  • fas

    I would choose the Pulsar 220 for the power.

  • Prasanjeet

    well .both are inidan so not reliable.. and bajaj is obviously more unreliable.. tvs apache-negative — gearbox sucks.. and seating including seats is a pain in the ass and back. pulsar negative–everything starting from the name unreliable bajaj to each and every thing. loved the pulsar when they had come around 2002/2003 but then i was naive and didn’t know much about bikes then as compared to now and we didn’t have any choice then.

    • Amit Oza

      Bingo..!!! 1000% agreed!!!!

    • Varun

      @prasa….whatever: Indian bike have been more reliable and the sales proves it…..100cc- Splendour and discover…. 150: Pulsar and apache… 200++ Pulsar and karizma……

    • Ken


      You too seem Indian. Does that mean you are unreliable and suck?

  • nitin

    This comparison will only leave pulsar 220 as winner. I am dreaming of a comparison between apache 250 and pulsar 250. That will be the comparison between two insane raw powered machines with identical performance figures and the poll will be very interesting.

    • kishore

      If that comparison comes up then for sure its the RTR 250 pasting the P-250 in all directions..
      We have seen all this comparo’s from the beggining & its the RTR series standing out..

  • Jeevan Vijay

    this aint the proper way of comparing bikes i guess.. however both mayb performance bikes the catogry differs.. 220 shud b compared with Karizma R or Karizma ZMR πŸ™‚

  • sayan

    I don’t think there is any area where apache can outrun P220.
    But against best 150cc in the world, R15,it will be a srong knockout match.

  • akshay

    thats wrong deepak ….how u can comare..180cc bike to 220cc…….i agree with Buparilous

  • Vipin_S

    Deepak, I liked two donkeys being compared, something first on web blogs, I appreciate you for not comparing with R15 or ZMR(the two bikes are class apart from the donkeys), who wins among these, I don’t care. Completely agree with Prasanjeet’s lines…

  • Girish

    why every time Apache RTR 180 is compaired with all the other top end bike……………..
    Karizma R / ZMR – 225 cc
    Pulsar 220——— 220cc
    Yamaha R15 – liquid cooling , and fuel injection

    I had not seen a single review / road test between RTR 180 to pulsar 180
    40 cc raw maid a significant difference………………….still i vote for RTR 180…………………..

  • mak

    You cannot compare them, apache can catch up in accleration, other departments p220 will score

    • Saran

      Not only acceleration. RTR outruns P220 with its nimble handling too…

  • Gunawan_Indonesia

    @Sayan, best 150 cc in the world is currently Kawasaki Ninja 150 R, a two stroke bike made in Thailand, and even if you only consider a 4 stroke engine bike, Honda CBR 150 R will also dump all over your precious Yamaha R15 face, LOL.


    I will choose Pulsar 220 for its raw power,huge torque,extra-ordinary speed,i.e.,overall performance.I think Pulsar’s tyre and engine are better than the Apache.Apache is an wonderful bike but “the Fastest Indian” is way ahead of it.

  • Chester

    ill vote for RTR180 bcos i own it ..and im very satisfied with it as far as pic-up and mileage is concerned..though i love both the bikes!!! and its even comparing them..P180 cannot be compared vth RTR180..it lacks quality ,pick-up and mileage!!!

  • Pulsar 220 is leading . . .
    I’ve said there is no comparison with p220 and apache 180.

  • suren

    Wrong way of Comparision

    Apache 180 vs Pulsar 180 and P220 vs Karizma-R/ZMR

    I am expecting the above two comparisons eagerly
    Deepak Can you do it?

  • Jay

    This is invalid comparison. Pulsar will score over RTR 180. If there had been RTR 220 then there would “haven’t” been a need for comparison too.
    Lets wait for 200cc+ performance bikes to come in and then it will be worthy comparison.

  • naitik jogani

    there is no comparison between this two dude
    220 is at top for this . if you also take a look at price disc.
    220f is 86 k whereas
    180 is 78 k
    so no major budget issue too

  • sayan

    @gunawan_indonesia- guess u are right. Honda cbr150r seems to have a better performance figure. Apart from the looks,where as usual, honda lost, cbr150r is breaking through.
    I always used to have a soft corner on yamaha, but it seems, in indian market scenerio, they are not being able to keep up or hold a lead i must say.

    By the way, i am looking for a domestic 150cc. Right now i own a suzuki fiero. Can anyone tell me what should i do, i know unicorn is the best pick, but my heart beats for yamaha sz-r. There is no good ownership review available on it. Can anybody help??

    • Sachin

      Check Xbhp.com forums or mouthshut.com for ownership reviews

    • Jagadeesh

      Go for unicorn if u need smoothness and if drive lot…….
      If not go for sz-r it has got stunnung initial pick up which is the requirement for city commuting it cost 8,000 less than unicorn and 14,000 less than unicorn dazzler

  • ashish

    Of Course I’m going for APACHE RTR 180.

  • Vaibhav Jain

    Actually people usually have a habbit of comparing toppers with their non-rivals also.
    Apache being a smaller bike is more capable than the pulsar.
    And of cousre the handling and cornering on apache is unbeatable.
    the accelartion is also great and apache definately makes u stand out

    • anil

      you are damn damn right

  • rajveer

    pulsar 220 shouldn’t been compared with apache 180

  • Where is the poll submit button? Please highlight!!!!

  • Harish

    @ Sayan,
    Don’t think I am biased towards any company, I have completely tested almost all Indian bikes for the past 3 yrs and here is my Faithful advice to you.

    There are two kinds of bikers,
    1) Who consider bikes as mere machines which can carry them from Place A to B
    2) Who always believe on “Its not the Distance, its the Journey”

    So if you fall on the 2nd category,

    Then currently only one company in India has done some real time R&D and come up with two amazing bikes ,even time cannot fade them out like the RX.

    Yes its the Yamaha R15 and FZ. If you cannot afford or bend your back for the R15 then FZ16 it is, Close your eyes and get it , so that you dont have to think about your decision every time you see an FZ. Leave the performance, mileage, pricing etc etc etc,

    Its all about personal satisfaction when you fall in the 2nd category of biking mentioned above.

    I can boldly say both Unicorn and SZ or any other Indian bike is no match to the personal satisfaction you get out of these two well calculated and accurately designed machines.

    On the way to Yamaha showroom you can find a lot of desi bike showroom, Please be aware that they are mostly just cheaply REBORED or STICKERED to persuade you. Be wise in spending your money on a well deserved product from an expert

    I wish if anyone could prove me wrong by replying to this comment.

    • bidyut

      absolutely correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      evaluate things for a long run if you really want some good quality bike.

      how many 15 year old bikes do you see around you.
      not many, but assure you at least one would be YAMAHA!

  • Sujay

    pulsar 220 any time

  • Roshan Alex

    RTR180 smothers P180, so the next pulsar currently in the industry to come at par with RTR 180 is P220…Pulsar 220 will anytime win in a race but RTR 180 is the bike you should own…

  • sayan

    @Harish- you are absolutely right boss, but the only reason i am choosing sz is because of the the pillion ride, which, in my case, often a woman…;-@
    i believe sz-r will be better than unicorn in all aspects. But a bit confused on yamaha after sales, spares etc. I am planning to use this atleast for 5 years or more. Can you help me on that?
    Also, in the next two or three years, for the sake of the biker in me, if my pocket affords, i will try to bend my back. Hope the 10th standard gym classes help me out. LOL…

    • Harish

      Not many differences between SZX and Unicorn. Mileage is pretty much the same. SZ-R is the latest variant with Front Disc. The most positive area for SZ is the same FZ engine at lower Price and for Unicorn its the Mono Suspension. Practically while commuting there is not much difference between the Unicorn mono to the other dual ones.

      But I would choose the Unicorn (Red) as I like the design personally , it goes well with the Rider, To my eyes next to the Apache 150, Unicorn is the only bike which aesthetically coincides with the Rider.

      Not to forget TVS Star City is the worst when seen with a Rider.

  • k.p

    according to zig wheels dazzler best bike upto 180 c.c ist runner up is pulsar 180 c.c……check this link http://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/indias-best-bikes-2010/indias-best-premium-sporty-motorcycle-upto-180cc/7067/1 still think RTR is deserved to compare with z.m.r or p220 or r15….i dont think…

  • Pramod

    Forgot to comment one thing..
    RTR is quite good in design..but who spoiled it by changing the silencer to the left side of it?? looks quite odd.

  • Ram

    I am not an owner of either of these bikes. But have tested both of them and have friends who own and ride them.

    I am comparing these bikes based on my limited experience with them.

    Common negatives (personal) – riding postion for both bikes is a forward crouch, which is fine for a long distance ride but not so convenient if you are commuting in traffic.

    Pulsar 220 – The test bike had 200 kms on it and had a sticky gear change, could be this specific bike. Fellow riders have not shared this problem but have complained about engine wearing out after as little as 5000 kms. Straight line braking is shaky at speeds above 60 kmph with the bike fish tailing into a spin. Bajaj has to realize you cannat have a perfomance bike with cheap parts.

    Apache 180 – The test bike had 125 kms on it. Good engine and overall well put together package. Lacks the Pulsar’s accleration, but has one of the best cornering stability I have seen in sub 250 cc bikes. The surprise was the transmission which made the 180cc engine appear a lot more torque-ier. Fellow riders have complained about erratic fuel consumption and in some cases, excessive engine oil consumption in the run in periods. But after 2000 kms or so, the bike settles into a great consistent performer.

    Overall verdict – If I have a choice between a Pulsar 220 and a Apache RTR 180, my vote will be for a RTR 180.

  • With the ABS now in market, I would say, street racing, Apahce 180 now has a advantage over P220 even R15 also..

  • bibin ghosh

    i own an rtr 180.
    i would prefer rtr 180 rather than p220 not because i own it, but because it have the best power to weight ratio.
    common problem of rtr is that it have some vibrations in 5k-6 rpm band and gear shift is not smooth at first but it can be reduced to minimum if we switch to a good grade engine oil.
    if u want sheer pleasure in road CONSISTENTLY, go 4 rtr… πŸ™‚
    p220 is torque monster but performance lasts only for short range of km in ur odo….

  • Saran

    I go for RTR180…
    Its better to prefer a faster cheetah than a lazy lion.

  • jitu

    apache rtr 180 is superb

  • Pramod

    I would say not to judge the bike performance just by a test ride(as yamaha always tell…nothing of the bike performance can be traced by just taking a test ride on R15)
    I have an RTR 180 pearl white..probably one of the firts dels in Chennai, which has clocked 14000 kms so far.I do not find this bike worth any more and what we get more than what you pay for is a lot of vibrations and engine noice. The gear box is the worst I have ever seen..such a dangerous bike that it doesn’t have any road grip.What TVS has done was to rebore the 160 engine and done some stickering.Suspension is too stiff and takes ur back for a six and the main stand always kisses the bumps,especially when driven with pillion on. You ride with apillion on rtr 180,the pick up and performance is slashed to 50%.Wiyhin 5000 kms I had to replace(even my friends had to) both disc plates twice and I had a hige argument with TVS cus. care many times reg the quality of spares they offer on their flagship bike.

    Now I also have a New P220 which have clocked 5000 kms..two problems I experienced so far 1. Carb chocking below 2000rpm whe the engine is started and also during initial 5 kms which will disappear when the engine heats up.2.Down shifting the gear needs some effort,but still feels much much better than RTRs.The power del is superm and no power felt being lost with a pillion.Can easily touch 100kmph with a pillion on 3rd gear..straightline stability is excellent. Bajaj has done some tyre upgrade on this..now it has a soft compound tyre which we can find on R15,which simply means great road grip.The front and rear discs assembly is now from Bybre (KTM tie up has done some improvements on 220F).The suspension is simply superb so is the riding position(not as crouched as rtrs as some indicated) and not to mention its headlight which does more than good job while riding in highways during night.

    Having been owned both these bikes..rtr ia no way near P220 .
    PS..I also own a Zma R,which is the best bike of the lot(steady and still in stock condition even after clocking 25000 plus on the odo)

    • Varun

      My friend has an apache and has clocked 26000 kms and has not changed the tyres or the brakes……The brakes just work fine and the gear shift is not bad as u have described….. It does lose its pickup with a pillion but never loses performance like u mentioned…… Any bike maintenance is the key regular servicing keeps ur bike in a good condition…… I only can decipher from ur statement that u dont know how to maintain a bike…… brakes going haywire in just 5000 kms is just nonsense…….

  • Ananthu Rajendran

    I’m Damn Sure that Apache RTR is much better than Pulsar 220 ,in terms of Quality And Reliability.
    TVS Apache RTR rockzzzzz

  • Deepak

    Ultimately Pulsar220!!!!
    No way comparision in performance btw RTR and P220 in looks and Performance.
    As Pramod said,it’s very easy to touch 100kmph in P220 even with pillion rider also…
    I can say I am the proud owner of P220.

    • Phunka

      Budy i dnt tink u hav had a ride of apace

    • abhishek

      hey deepak dnt be in a hast coz the cheeta will nt stop rolling ok campare ur bike 200 wit apache 200 ok

      • abhishek

        oh srry 220 k

  • Reeto

    Hi. In my opinion, guys who hv posted against the P220 DTSi pls dont be biased jus bcoz its a Bajaj product. The p220 can outrun any other bike available in this country whether on straight lines or in corners. The p220 is surely endowed with excellent corner capabilities. If the main stand doesnt come in the way, the p220 DTSi can be cornered confidently even on race tracks. The MRF Zappers on the P220 are the BEST i hv come across. Even with a pillion on board, the P220 easily notches 140 kmph+. ppl who say that the P220 DTSi is not good in terms of handling are purely the ones who lack capability, thats all. The gearbox on the P220 is awesome, very slick n smooth and not even once does a false neutral occur.

  • Asif

    apache is the best …

  • karthi

    220 all the wayyyyy

  • abhi

    my ans is only the pulsar220.
    are u mad to compare p220 with any others. no way………….

    • abhishek

      campaare ur 220 wit rtr200 n then see

  • Kiran

    Hi all,

    I don’t understand why people love only all refined vehiles, why we are not promoting our nation products and make them to push to do more refinements by giving them support.

    I go with TVS rather than Bajaj, because when you compare the history of both industryes, TVS has a more commitment compared with bajaj, and more over TVS is into the all automotive sector which can support for there developments and they are not dependent, but bajaj is dependent on all the parts what they get and they should be in control off everything.

    Better guys promote our nation productes rather supporting others and filling there pocket.

  • Bharadwaj

    APACHE RTR 180….

  • Pramod

    Hi Varun,
    You told that I do not know how to maintain bikes??? Then better TVS does not know how to list out maintenance schedule. If you do not know,every bike gives us a manual which we are supposed to refer to before we start riding. and if TVS admits that they have been receiving complaints from 180 customers on the problamatic discs,particularly rear disc,how you can say its coz of bad maintanance. I have 3 bikes now which are taken care very well in the same way. the Zma has never been a problem for me in riding and maintenance dept. All my bikes are maintained by a racing bike mechanic in chennai.
    my friend, you have an idea abt rtr only from ur friend, but I own that bike and I know better .
    Apache has been the worst in road grip coz of the funny TVS tyre. and what you get more than what you expect are vibrations and tappet noice.

    you should notice that the disc failure occured when the bike was in the warranty period..that proves the brand image.
    and you ride both the bikes you can understand that by the time rtr hits 105 mark, p220 would be at 130 mark even with a pillion.Apache’s gear box is very infamous and I really experienced I owned 150, 160 and now 180,kept on upgrading thinking that TVS would have made some improvements with the gear box,but in vain.
    When we went from chennai to Balgalore(340kms four lane high way),I always had to slow down every time for my rtr 180 friend to catch me.
    You ride both the bikes for 50kms covering different terrains and i am sure you will change your opinion..good luck

  • rajveer

    pulsar 220 dtsi


    apache have a great control its power is best for pulser 180

  • Apache is good in term of quality


    Never think about highest speed of bike..
    think of it’s power……
    catch RTR180..
    If u don’t believe come on in race wihth mee with RTR180.
    PULSAR 220 CAN NEVER catch APACHI rtr 180

    • Pramod

      Speed and power is complimentory to each other.To win a race you need speed,you can not win a race by standing still claiming that ur bike has power.
      To cut your argument on power- RTR 180 has mere 17PS and P220 has a whopping 21ps..dont tell me that 17 is greater than 21 for winning argument
      I am owner of both these bikes and Apache can not be traced even in the RVM of P 220.
      Before making stupidous comments like this, pls read articles that give lot of infos and obviously ride the other bikes before posting ur comment.

  • rajiv

    hey deepak, who is this “PRAMOD” over here???
    first he said – he has 3 bikes, rtr 180, P220 & ZMA R

    now he is saying ——> “””” I owned apache 150, 160 and now 180″””””

    this itself shows how fake he is… he is simply misleading people…
    it seems that he dont own a single bike… not even P220.

    he drives all these bikes in his dreams only….


  • Ram

    Some years ago CNBC-TV18 and Overdrive magazine ran a track test of Pulsar 220, Karizma and Apache 160 in Chennai. See the foll link for video from Overdrive’s website.


    Maybe will be of some help to close this debate

  • Pramod

    Hello my dear Rajiv,
    Fisrt of all Deepak cannot answer to your question who am I. I am Pramod hari, 33,from chennai, Country head- Quality and technical of a fashion export house based out of hong kong.

    Am not a “fraud” as you qualifies me and you should be very careful next time before making personal remarks and this blog is not for that.As a member of Bike advice,you should be matured enough to give valuable informations to other bike lovers so as to enable them to make good judgement and decisions.

    To your comments-if you understand basics of English,then you would not have made this comment.
    I own P 220, RTR 180 and Zma R-It’s present tense,means I currently have these 3 bikes.
    I had Apache 150/160- It’s past tende,means i had it, but now i dont have.

    This pulsar 220 is the 17th bike which I have prchased so far after coming to chennai in 2010. and 20th two wheeler so far purchased(not in dream as you indicated)
    My intentions are clear..to give my unbiased suggestions on the bike prformance. Most of the persons who support RTR or 220 must not have(not all) driven the other bike(could have test driven, but that dies not give a full picture). According to me Zma is superior and the reason why I didnt describe much abt Zma is coz we are comparing between RTR 180 and P 220.

    I have drivem RTR 180 for more than 15k kms right now and my P 220 has crossed 6000 so far and my comments are based on true experienece.Pls understand that I am not paid by either Bajaj or by Bike advice for promoting P220.
    Dear friend, all the bikes I have purchased is out of my hard earned money and it is pity of you to call me a “fraud”..how can you assume that I am fraud ?? you kind of people are defeating the purpose of a usful blog for the betterment of your own

    • varun

      hey pramod u will accept the truth that p22o can’t beat rtr180 , there is very little chance for p220 bcoz there is 40cc,4ps diference . my school friend n me studying in 11th cls beat many bykers and 220 pulsar also with rtr 180 .

  • Pramod

    Hello friends,
    Pls feel free to call me at 8939913545 for any query


  • rajiv

    @ Mr Pramod–

    yaar , i would suggest you to wash your eyes with clean water first, if you are unable to read/see comments properly! or you go to a english tutorial centre for learning english.

    Man where did i say that you have 6 bikes all together presently???

    u said about my english hmm? ok.

    1) I said in my above comment that—->>> “”””””””””””””””first he said – he has 3 bikes, rtr 180, P220 & ZMA R”””””””””””

    by this i mean and everyone in this world would mean that you have 3 bikes ‘PRESENTLY’

    2) I said in my above comment that—->>> “”””””””””””””””””””now he is saying β€”β€”> β€œβ€”” I owned apache 150, 160 and now 180″””””””””””””””””””””””””

    by this i mean and everyone in this world would mean that you have owned apache 150 & 160 “IN THE PAST” & now u have 180.

    and Mr Pramod, the last but not the least::::

    After reading this line in your above comment i could not resist myself….. laughing madly…. πŸ™‚
    **************This pulsar 220 is the 17th bike which I have prchased so far after coming to chennai in 2010. and 20th two wheeler so far purchased************

    oh my God!

    right now you are 33 (means ur age)

    you have purchased total 20 Nos (two wheelers) so far.

    now if i assume that you have purchased 1 bike every year—-

    that means you are buying bikes since the age of 13, now please dont say that i buy 3-4 bikes every year with my hard earned money……

    Man i read almost every review/comment of bike advise ever since i joined, & i like it very much since this is a place where every one could get a deep & valuable information on bikes , but man i could’nt digest what you have written .

    ok, apart from above, my apologies to u , if i hurt you. In our democratic country , everyone has the right to speak, so i said what came to my mind.

    About me::: i am Rajiv Sharma, 26, from Delhi, doing job as a software engineer over here, i bought my 1st CBZ 2003 model from my dad’s hard earned money, although i have done so much of rash driving on the bike over the last 8 years but i have serviced it properly & it gives the same pickup today also as it used to give in the early days when it was new, the only problem is– i have seen a drop in the mileage in the last 1 year, now its given only 30-32 kmpl, still i love this bike sooooooo much, but would like to buy a new one since its costing me around 2 Rs/km.

    • Pramod

      Hi Rajiv,
      Nice to know about you and hope you are doing well,
      Lets forget whatever argument we had.A brief update on my love for bike so that you can digest the no.of bikes i bought.
      I had my first bike RX 100 presented to me by my uncle for becoming school first in 10th in 1992(my father could not do that since he was earning less).This bike is now being used by my nephew in kerala,it is still in very good condition.And this was the only bike I had until 1996.Then I bought a max 100 and Samurai(if u remember Peerless was very famous that time and they were offering very good plans to buy TVS bikes that time and I was partly doing peerles canvassing).Therse bikes were sold out when I got an opportunity to work in Indian Aie force. I came back from air force and I bought my dream bike CBZ, then upgraded to Karizma in which Itravelled from Cochin to Bombay thru Goa.After shifting to chennai in 2000, my bike craze grew and kept on purchasing new bikes and selling them off to buy new models(It included Spendors, Ambition, Pulsars and apaches) in 2008 I met with an accident and broke my elbow on my Brand new apache rtr 160 and I sold it thinking that i coulld never ride a bike),things turned around in my favour and I bought ZMA R, The apache RTR 180 and very recently P220.Am planning to dispose RTR off, but ZMA will be there with me for life time,I hope. Yesday I purchased a used R15 for 72000(2009 model) and have booked for the draem bike every Indian was waiting for (CBR 250R)

      I maintain all my bikes with a Mechanic who is specialized in race bikes( He converted my 180 pulsar to FI and one of my friend’s RTR160 FI to a carb fed one)

      I am a graet lover of bikes,but my wife(she works as PM for Syntel) now is against me purchasing any more,
      To add on to my pleasue am getting my brand new Scorpio VLX delivered today.

      LOve bikes and het more from it !! see you

  • rajiv

    Hi Pramod,

    Man thats great!
    After reading ur last comment i could believe that u really have bought those 20 two wheelers, not a big deal, ppl who have money can buy…. even 30,40 or more… but in actual they dont, instead they buy a superbike… I have seen many rich dudes riding superbikes in Delhi/gurgaon but i have not seen a single guy who has owned the Apache serries one by one…
    But u know what was that in your previous comment which made me laugh? that u said u have bought 20 two wheelers till date including ZMA, P220, Apache 150,160 & 180…..
    Man i am just wondering i mean i just want to ask u one Qn that– if you have money, means if u can afford to buy 20 two wheelers, then why didnt u go for a superbike? like YZFR1, CBR1000RR, GSXR1000 or Ninja ZX10… why u keep on buying all commuter segment bikes? although in India we call ZMA, P220, RTR as sports bike but still…. dont u love superbikes? If i were in ur place then i would have gone for YZF R1 my dream bike… one i saw in Delhi 2 times, its just like a rocket on the road…

    Well Pramod, I am also a big bike enthusiast, and as i said in my previous comment that i m having a 2003 CBZ with me & i am going to buy a new bike soon…. for this i was saving my hard earned money from last 4 months to buy a R15, but now after looking to the launch of CBR 250, I think i should save some more money & go for CBR 250…
    Like ur ZMA, i will always keep my CBZ with me…as it was my first bike & i looooove it soo much. CBR250 would be my 2nd bike… I havent booked it yet… i am just waiting for some extensive reviews/roadtests before buying it… since i have to pay 54k more over R15, & 54k means a lot to me…. as i am from a middle class family.

    As per your last comment , u have already booked CBR 250, please post your review/roadtest on bike-advise after u get it.

    @ Deepak, we are eagerly waiting for as many user reviews/roadtests of the new CBR250 on bikeadvice.

    Best Regards


  • ravi

    hi friends,I just want to share my horrible experience with RTR 180 which i bought on JULY 2010 in chennai(RAMKAY TVS).for the first two months.everything was good and i was thrilled y the pick-up and power but the time starts to pass,the unreliable nature of TVS exposed from the cover.The accelerator wire got cut down and rear brakes are really insane.Tyres slips in surface with little water making it difficult to ride during rainy season.They say it got an amazing pickup but if you rev a little,then it ll consume fuel in a lavish manner.A few times,the digital console would not function.The seating position for the pillion rider is very bad and it ll surely give pain in ur ass and thighs after a long ride.Engine noise is the most hated feature of this bike,really harsh engine so your friends ll know that you r coming,before 200m.TVS Service ppl just demand money without hearing your complaints.Finally i ve wasted my dad’s INR 76000 buying this crap..Plz think thrice or more before buying this bike…you shd nt regret like me after buying.Don judge a bike by mere looks and stickers.

  • arvind

    hi Riders

    your pulsar,s are good. But my D.N.A. is best .

  • siddharth

    why not compare with kawasaki ninja 250r? Other than rtr 180, p-220 should be compare with its category like ninja, karizma, some people always compare rtr 180 with p-220 but the fact is 220 got more cubic capacity than rtr 180 but still people compare rtr 180 with p-220, suppose what if the tvs company launch rtr 250, & bajaj too, so what will be the result, whereas rtr 180 is give tough competition with p-220, so if rtr 250 will launch it’ll eat the other bikes instantly..


    My bike is Apache RTR 180 ABS that is fanastic bike It is a dangerious Bull.

    • Prakash

      If Apache RTR 180 is a dangerous bull then Pulsar 180 is a dangerous TIGER man!

      • abhishek

        apache rtr 180 is a rolling cheeta u will nevar cm to knw about ur pet tiger tat wen it got killed


    HELLO riders,

    and dangerous pulsar riders,

    pulsar is dangerous than others but our RTR racing dna will show what is danger for dangerous….


    APACHE is a leigtning speed dragon hunting smartest lion…..

  • Prakash

    Please don’t compare pulsar 220 with apache 180. Pulsar 220 is above 200 segment. Compare as mentioned below:

    Pulsar 180 vs Apache 180
    Pulsar 220 vs Karishma 225 (ZMR/earlier version)

    When you compare to any bike, PULSAR is the best for maintenance, performance, style, etc.

  • sameer

    why comparison with 220 cc bike with 180 comparison the most suitable comparison will be pulsar 180 vs apache rtr 180

  • A.MadhanKumar

    Hi Apache can no way stand with P220, Iam telling you it was a bet between me owning a P220 and my friend owning a RTR180 , We made it a race in a clear sunday covering 35 kms , He reached me sy after 8 solid minutes , He had started biking earlier than me, Comon boss can you compare no way RTR 180 could be compared only with P180

  • Sagar

    PULSAR 220 is awesome I have it….. & Enjoy Riding it

  • yo man

    A 180 can be compared with P200 , but the P220 is simply better.
    U get the same mielage with higher performance & head turning looks.
    Looks of apache although good pales in front of pulsar .

    Not to mention 4 valve lineup of Pulsars is cumming !!!

  • Udhaiya

    The Apache RTR 180 ABS rocks… Given a 220cc engine, it’ll beat the hell outta pulsar….

  • bkvs

    hahahahahaha…Apache looks like a TVS 50 Moped infront of the definetly male 220…….

    • Rahul

      This definitely male pulsar has destroyed the male parts of many men…
      Pulsar sucks
      RTR rocks…

  • irfan

    always pulsar 220…fucking apache can’t beat dragon 220 220 is the real dragon….apache is bullshit…

    • abhishek

      wen fucking rtr 180 will evol into rtr 220 then see who the hell fucks n this blog is nt for abusing

  • shashwat

    no bike is bad ..it is our choice. the wow factor is what differentiat our rides.. i have chosen rtr 180 coz i saw that pulsar has become common ride, even villagers also have pulsar. RTR 180 is all rounder ride coz it has awesome looks includes its sexy discbrakes, blue digital speedometer ,and a very important thing it has muscular look i.e.it has broadlook from frontside and slim from backside etc. till who so ever met me he/she appreciates to my choice!!!!!

  • Noufal

    Guys apache rtr 180 white is better in look also in power… Iam an owner of it.. But it gives a very lazy sound on accelerating… But tiger will be sprinting… And vibration is next factor.. , it can be solved easily when u apply full throatle, atleast more than half, from gear 1 to 4… In fifth, he will go wild with no vibrations… If we go in slow also… But mileage… Is quiet same as pulsar 220… ! But I’l do some extra ideas to improve its performance and mileage..;)

  • Tejas

    Fastets Indian roxx…..my Pulsar 220 claimed 157 Kmph xD realy Fast

  • AYAN

    I must say that there are a lot of usefull opinions and some are useless,but as a country like ours,which has a budget issue its better to go for some fuel efficient bikes rather than racing,which of these bikes that u guys are snoring about I and my brother Avishek had already owned,i had a 180 rtr,and my bro had 220 pulsar dtsi,in the begining i overtake him but later he just got past by me at a speed above 142 kmph,but still its useless to compare with these small bikes,both rtr and p 220 rocks as p is very conviniently priced than the rtr,so its dependes on ur choice.But newly i had bought 250 cbr to race with your rtr and 220 ‘s …..ha ha ha ha.

  • rohit

    Hi guyz…. RTR 180 ROCKS BAJAJ SUCKS

  • Pushpendra

    Hahaha…those who r voting 4 apache 180 they r totaly mad..apache is like100cc scooty in front of pulsar220cc..camon apache riders cme in frnt of me,i wil teach u whts the power of pulsar….n apache is still naaaaaaa…

  • Alwyn jOshy

    hey Guys don’t have any common sense those whO are comparing p220with apache 180, dOn’t compare apache 180 with p220 , p220 have 220 cc and apache have only 180 cc , so compare with same cc segment , tvs will intoduce a 220 cc monster very sOon , aftr that compare with it……………that time p220 will be a big zerO.

  • Sachin

    Not only pulsar 220 can beat apache 180 .pulsar 180 can also beat apache

  • george

    Guys guys its not pulsur,apache,or any thing …….))))))))))
    its about who rides it ))))))))))))
    if u have the guts even u could beat all this bikes with the 100cc rx
    come on be man ))))))))))))))))))))
    even monkeys rides cbr bikes nowadays,,,,,,,,
    develope ur skill in riding))))))))))
    u should capable of beating the odds))))))

  • Sheehan D’Mello

    pulsar 220 sucks yaar
    its gear box gets spoiled…. it vibrates to d core n makes a lott of idiotic noise n d worst part is its chain
    220 may be the fastest bike but performance n maintenance n mileage n all shud also b considered in which rtr 180 is far more better … its fast too n gud looking
    pulsar 220’s negative point is its breaks..cnt rely on thm at all… seen most accidents on 220 coz of break failure,,, rtr has good breaks n nw evn d abs model for good safety …saying soo as i hv rode bth of thm n apache gave gud results…
    n handling n perfomance matters in longg run… which apache has … 220 hs speed bt in a crowded city u wnt evn gt to go abv 100 at times…
    rtr 180 it is…. ech bike is good in its view.. bt fr long run its rtr 180
    n u say tht 220 is resonable n value for money at 86 then its bullshit coz excpt for speed n pick up nothing much is dr in it

  • shubham kamra

    you are wrong friends apache never beat pulsar 200
    i beat apache with my both bikes pulsar 180 and 220

  • mukesh

    apache is d best bike

  • nikhil

    common yaar, there is no meaning of top speed in india. In India only acceleration means, which RTR is da clear winner. Hear da engine sound of RTR, it roars n pusars engine sound is so harsh. RTR( RACING THROTTLE RESPONSE) roxxxx.

  • shreyas

    plz can any one suggest me, which one to go pulsar 220 of apache 180 .

    • jerome

      shreyas u can surely go for the rtr.dont rip it during the run in period.maintain the bike wel n u would never regret buying an rtr .the feeling u get whild riding it ir just wow.get it n u wil love it
      Happy n safe riding

    • john

      safety first with RTR ABS 180, all pulsar users even if you ride the bike in 200 kmph you have to stop it with in the particular limit apache does it………TVS using the technology

  • jerome

    wat is the use of a top whack of a stated 144kmph without handling and useless brakes
    But things r different on an rtr handles reallly well at three digit speeds and brakes r just damn good instant halt with absolute control
    But a pulsar has nithing just a fast machine no control and causes accidedts wen braked suddenly due to uneven weight distribution
    On a race track a pulsar is useless coz in a track u need control n cornering,good braking ,try accelerating pulsar in a curve u cant,coz bajaj engineers hav made a machine ehich goes fast in a straight riad, road this is not the characters of a race bike.its defintely fast but no use
    Performance not only means the 0_60 kmph sprint,it has to accelerate fast at any gear during upshift ,downshift. The rtr does it it is the absolute racing machine.
    Buy ur self a pulsar and a straight road and claim to be fast

  • Saurabh Rana

    No Bro Pulsar is dad of 180 i have 220f blue&black new eddition so pulsar220f pikup is very fast so dont pangaa 220f ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • john

    its not count buy the top speed but by the performance. RTR the massive muscular Leopard am the Ex owner of pulsar 180 and 220 as mentioned above the problem in gear box, stability,reliability nothing, in tamil we say ( palaya eeeyam pitalaiku pericham palam) when compared to RTR apache 180 bajaj pulsar 220 is nothing///////////// RTR rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz wait for the new Apache comes in a couple of month with 200cc,28.36 BHP 4 valve per cylinder,single cylinder DOHC (double over head camshaft) to cool the engine cylinder oil coolant system with radiators full synchronized gear box, wet plate clutch,battery connected head lamp with lens halogen 12 ah battery power out let, broad Tyre wait to see the performance and and unleashed speed

  • Tanveer

    dude no indian bike can beat apache ABS on race tracks, n u cant ride pulsar in race tracks, only r15 can cm close

  • Aryan Mandal

    New apache 180 ABS is the best like a beast

  • Rahul

    Some Real facts to keep eye on.
    Do u guys know why BMW Motorrad have entered in to tie up with TVS. BMW Motorrad is undeniably the most advanced International Brand in Motor bike Racing arena.
    They are pioneers in terms of technology and marketing. Hope u can accept their word, not mine.. πŸ™‚
    BMW officials had visited three Indian factories (HERO, Bajaj and TVS) before making a decision.
    According to BMW, they have got impressed by TVS factories and their R&D racing heritage. TVS employ high pressurised chambers to make even a less important 100 cc engine.
    This type of care is only given to high end racing machines like F1 circiut machines for superior quality and life. Thats why BMW shook hands with TVS.

    Pulsar is holding Fastest Indian titlle but not in a deserved way I think. Have some closed look.
    1. Build quality of body and engine is not up to the mark. Bajaj is ruining the quality for marketing the bike at a cheaper rate. How come a 220 cc engine is available at a such a cheap cost of 80,000. Do Bajaj factories are located in some other planet? Or do India is selling Aluminium and other grade building materials to Bajaj alone at cheapter rate? No way.. Quality material costs more(common sense).
    Bajaj wants to decrease the cost somehow by compromising the required quality. As a result, Pulsar is having a poor engine life which the owners complains of.
    On the other hand, Apache bikes excels with superior build quality. Lately TVS have shown guts to incorporate ‘CARBON FIBRE’ (the ultimate building material for race machines) in body manufacture.

    Researches prove that carbon fiber is extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer which is 5 times stronger than steel at tha same time gives light weight nature.So it finds its extensive applications in aerospace and racing automotive fields such as Formula One racing and wherever high strength-to-weight ratio and rigidity are required. Mclaren, Mercedes Benz, BMW Superbikes, F1 cars extensively use this composite polymer material for good performance on racetrack.
    And ofcourse this costs higher..!! Now you know why Apache RTR 180 RTR costs much higher than a Pulsar 180.

    2. COMPARISON should be of same cc engines (pure logic).
    Pulsar engines cannot win a title if it is getting compared with same cc engines. take one by one to know the truth.
    Bajaj keeps silent about Pulsar 150 cc now.(150 cc engines of other brands are now way ahead interms of power, performance, engine smoothness and quality)

    Coming to 180 cc segment, Bajaj dont even dare to compare Pulsar 180 with Apache RTR 180.
    Apache RTR 180 outsmarts Pulsar 180 in power, acceleration, performance and handling. The truth is that Apache is holding the fastest title in 180 cc now, but they dont boast of it as Bajaj does. In short Apache has taken the crown from Pulsar at 150 cc and 180 cc segment.
    For this reason, Now Pulsar is getting relief by comparing Apache RTR 180 with a Pulsar 220. Is this a deserved comparison?

    In fin year 2014, Apache 220/250 is getting launched which in the testing phase now @ VRDE Ahmednagar.Pulsar can lose their title once Apache launches this one. Knowing this, they are jumping to Pulsar 375. Clearly bajaj is playing a game with fear.

    Marketing is the only place where Bajaj plays a game with sinister. The have made good advertisements all the while, Broadcasting it 24by7. Using stunt shows like Pulsar mania, they have cleverly managed to make people blindly believe that they are the winners on road.

    Now LETS have a look at another side. Bajaj is not at all participating in NATIONAL SUPERCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP, but TVS does along with other brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, KTM, etc.
    Note: TVS racing team has won the 2013 MRF MOGRIP NATIONAL SUPERCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP by winning most of the titles.
    Apache bikes managed to push KTM at second place in foreign open segment…!!
    Check here: http://www.fmsci.co.in/2013/2wsx/FINAL%20OVERALL%202013.pdf
    Now u know who has the real Racing Heritage..

    Less than 10 % of the people check the real engine specifications and build quality in deep. Rest only looks at cc, mileage, looks, COST and ofcourse adds. Most of the people dont even know how a clutch actually works in a bike OR what is the significance of RPM/what is peak power to weight ratio/what is Carbon fibre?
    But a real bike enthusist knows…
    So guys, be wise… πŸ˜›