Faired KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390: Official Pics & Details

Following a leak of the pictures and details of the upcoming KTM RC390, we now have the official pictures of the smaller, faired siblings. The RC125 and the RC200 are analogous units of the 125 Duke and the 200 Duke, just like the RC390 shares a whole lot of parts with the 390 Duke.

2014-KTM-RC125-RC200-RC390-Pic (17)

It nearly seems as if KTM has embraced the Standard Operating Procedure of Hamara Bajaj. Critics have criticized and paeans have been sung on how Bajaj milked the Pulsar cow for years by providing minor differentiations between the models arranged vertically in terms of price and engine capacities.

The million dollar question arises :

Will the same critics start beheading KTMjust like they kept stinging Bajaj only because it was an Indian company??

Will they shy away from entering KTM Showrooms??

The response to the faired models of KTM will be very clearly known as soon as they start hitting the Indian showrooms, probably next year after the Auto Expo. KTM Boss Stefan Pierer had long ago stated that the faired KTM models will make it to the Indian showrooms after the European premiere. Since it is now clear that the RC Series will be uncovered at the EICMA Auto Show in Milan next month, we can be sure that their introduction here is some time away.

Now, let’s embark on a visual treat of the RC125 and the RC200!!

KTM RC125:


Almost nothing to write here, as the styling is exactly reminiscent of the KTM RC390. Expect some differences in the proportions, and the graphics as well.

Here are a few pointers worth noting :

  • Shared mechanicals with the 125 Duke
  • Similar specifications; expect around 15 bhp
  • May not make it to India, since 125 Duke was excluded
  • Will be a good proposition in Europe for beginners

KTM RC200:

KTM-RC200The counterpart of the 200 Duke, this bike will almost certainly make it to India. No major differences can be worked out from the picture; all we can see is a paint scheme that possesses different decals. The RC200 will probably be longer and somewhat taller than the RC125,  but other than that we don’t expect glaring differences.

Here’s what you need to know about the RC200 :

  • Shared mechanicals with the 200 Duke
  • Similar specifications; ballpark estimate around 24 bhp
  • Will almost certainly make it to India
  • Definitely a stonker of a proposition for those who hated the absence of proper wind protection on the Hooligan
  • Could definitely be pricier than the 200 Duke;  no estimate about the price difference as of yet
  • Expect it to make a good long-distance machine due to the windscreen; however we can’t comment on the seating position
  • We also can’t comment if the gearing ratios will be tall enough for relaxed cruising on the highways

And here it is for all of you, tourers!!!

ktm-rc200-touring bag

Nevertheless, KTM is definitely bringing forward a host of POWER Parts for the full-faired series. Shown above is a KTM RC200 with a touring bag up on its behind.

KTM RC390:

Though we have already focused on the RC390 in detail in an earlier post, here’s a snap of the bike in a Racing Livery.

ktm-rc390And here is a lowdown on the upcoming RC390 :

  • Similar powerplant configurations to the 390 Duke; about 43 Bhp
  • Exactly similar steel trellis frame, swingarm and WP suspension components as well as the brakes
  • Metzeler tires; 110 mm wide at the front and 150 mm wide at the rear
  • Light alloy wheels
  • Eccentric headlamps; an RC8-inspired tail-lamp
  • Full-digital instrument console
  • Will be a bit pricier than the 390 Duke
  • Windscreen should offer ample protection

The Indian fetish for faired-bikes does threaten to translate into a fire-sale for the upcoming RC  (Race Competition) series from KTM. More importantly, these fully-clothed steeds have sounded a bugle for the similar Kawasakis and the Hondas, even before they arrive on the Indian streets.

KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 Pictures Gallery