Petrol Might Get Costlier Tomorrow

As is in the news, after two consecutive price cuts, Oil majors could raise prices of petrol today. The amount could be something lesser than 1 Rupee. According to PSUs the cause would be the falling value of rupee along with the firming up of international crude prices.

If applicable, the changed price would go live by today midnight. Somehow, petrol has become a thing of our daily talks since the time Government freed it; it’s always in news..! Lets hope if petrol price is increased, it is lesser in magnitude.

Planning Commission Suggests Green Cess on Petrol

Another related news to petrol’s prices is that the planning commission is suggesting a surcharge of Rs 2 for each liter of petrol and a green cess of 3 percent of the annual insured value of all private vehicles.

This thought has being brought to mind to curb the problems of pollution caused and the ever increasing number of vehicles on the roads. Although this might sound insane, however, if we consider it from a broader outlook, at some point of the day, we all face both these issues and we need to encourage people to use public or shared transport. Else we might end up in a logjam sometime in the future.

– Saad Khan

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