Three Perfect Bikes in Sub – 250cc Segment Launched In 2011

The year 2011 has come to an end but one has to agree the fact that every year has only been better than the other in unleashing the true biker within him. Though 2011 saw a comparatively higher number of new launches than the other years, one has to agree the fact that the new bikes were spread across various segments this year.

Now in this post, let’s get to see 3 best bikes that were launched in India and note that this is sub 250cc category.

Yamaha R15 V2.0

This is one of India’s most hyped bikes. I still remember this post of ours exceeding 1000 likes and still on. I’d reported the launch of this bike live from the capital city. R15 certainly demands a huge respect from the biking fraternity all across the nation. The reason being the fact that it changed the whole perspective with which we all looked at bikes till that in India. A perfect track bike with splendid performance coupled with awesome cornering and handling ability. Yamaha made customers realize the real potential of this bike by organizing Yamaha One Make Championship. All this together has made the R15, a ‘Real Head – Turner’.

Yamaha launched the second version of the same bike in the month of September this year. This added creed and enhanced the looks of the R15, thereby scaling nee heights. The R15 V2.0 is truly inspired from the R6 – one of the best racing machines across the globe. The rear resembles this bike to a very greater extent and this has indeed succeeded in attracting more customers towards it.  The customers using the earlier version of R15 had a common complaint that the rear tyre’s width was a big time problem with this bike and this has made Yamaha fit a wider tyre at the rear. The result being more happy customers to the company. New ECU offers marginally improved performance. There wasn’t much of difference when it comes to the pricing front.

Honda CBR250R

We just had one bike in the 250cc segment till the CBR250R forayed into the Indian market. Kawasaki  Ninja 250R boasted of a twin cylinder engine which made it one of the best bike in this segment to race with. What we really were in need of was a decent performing 250cc bike and Honda impressed us in the way we exactly expected with one such bike.  The highlight of this bike was that it was launched in two different variants. One being the base model and the other one with C-ABS (Combined – Anti lock Braking System). This was an unexpected move and the safety of the rider went way too high with the ABS which made it a grand hit here.

Though the CBR250R’s front suspension proved to e way too soft, thereby making it difficult to handle in tracks, riders perceived it as a touring bike immediately which made the going easy for Honda. The VFR1200F inspired styling cues and the rear wide tyres made this the best pick for riders who wanted to feel the power punch. However, the initial (and the present) waiting period of Honda products adds woo to the customers. To add fuel to this, the service quality from Honda dealers is seeing a southward dip among the minds and hearts of CBR riders. But still, one has to accept the hidden truth that the craze for the CBR250R keeps growing high when it comes to the tastes and preferences of Indian riders.

Hero MotoCorp Impulse

Post the split between Munjals’ led Hero group and Japan’s Honda group; this is the first bike coming from Hero MotoCorp’s stable. There were a lot of comments that Hero group will not be able to sustain itself following the split. But, I had a greater respect in my heart for the world’s largest manufacturer of two- wheelers, the Hero group. Achieving this fete is not a cake walk; just not at all.

The Impulse is India’s first Trans – Roader bike and is executed amazingly great, not just in one aspect but in everything it is carved out for. Every single aspect in designing is well taken care of. HMC did not project this bike as an Off – Roader but as a Trans-Roader. All factors such as installing the exhaust just to the side of the side, the brake wire going a little higher than the handle bar, the way the rear brake wires are placed are all standing examples to talk about the bike’s core potential of off – roading. The design concept is very fresh and new to India, which is why Indians are not getting too attached with this bike. If I’m right, a little time is all they need to regret for their thoughts.

This post should have helped you to an extent in consolidating the three best performing bikes of the year when it comes to the sub 250 cc category which is exactly what most of us need. Isn’t this a great news to makes us get the feel that 2011 was indeed a perfect year for us (or for me atleast!)

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