Ownership Review Pulsar 150 DTSi: Sandeep Tells How he Has Beaten FZ & CBZ on His Pulsar

Hi guys, its me Sandeep Hegde M.S from Bangalore. I’m working in an R&D company as a research scientist. I’m very much excited to share about my dream bike, my beast Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS-i story.


It’s difficult to explain in words about my dad’s passion about bikes, my dad has the bike which ruled from past two decade and still ruling it is the Yamaha RX 100! From my childhood I grew up by seeing the monster RX, I was excited to see the wheelie done by my dad on highways! The unique sound we can’t expect in other bikes and the greatest road grip.

All these things made me start dreaming about purchasing a sporty bike. But I was waiting for purchasing the bike from my own earned money; dream came true 1.3yrs back! The plan for purchasing Pulsar was entirely different compared to others. My dad suggested me to go for Yamaha, but the stylish Pulsar was there somewhere in my mind. For passing time, while searching in Google I found many Bajaj showroom contact nos, I just called and asked for pulsar test ride. That day only they brought the bike for the test ride, You believe it or not, I had never ridden a Pulsar bike before. First time I got the chance of riding the Pulsar, sales executive gave the key and explained about the bike briefly. I started the bike, I got surprised for its awesome sound and just gave the accelerator it went very smoothly.

I never expect that from the heavy bike, I rode the bike for about 4 kms with the great pickup, control and with the awesome sound. That moment only I fell in love with Pulsar, I never thought about other bikes and immediately I booked the bike. That too before discussing with dad and friends! Within seven days after booking I got the bike. Later dad appreciated me on my selection too!

Now it’s time to share the uniqueness of my beast

I have led 1.4 years of my life with this bike, with many memorable rides which contain chasing moment, making roaring sound in public, traffic escapes, highway top speed etc. Overall it is a very thrilling riding experience. Pulsar is the greatest hit in the market; it’s been many peoples dream bike from close to one decade, thanks to Bajaj for providing the greatest quality of the bike with very less issues. I got this bike for a reasonable price of 74k. Really a worthy investment.

Mileage: It’s giving a fair 45km/liter in city and around 47km/liter in highways. Many of my friends those who are having pulsar are getting around 50 (they are maintaining 4000rpm speed), but for my speed, raising accelerator can’t expect that!

Looks: Carbon black in color with fox headlamp, guard to the tank looks so nice, even the sloppy back light!

Comfort and Features

Handling: Handling is so good, you can see the modification from the past pulsar series, they made it such a way that you never feel tired and back pain during the long ride, I had gone many long rides one stretch for about 200km but never faced any problem.

Seating: Seating is also fine and its made mainly for long rides. A giant petrol tank of 15litres storage with 3.2 liter reserve you cannot expect in many other 150cc category bikes. A digital meter which has RPM speed, 2 trip details, petrol consumption readings, reserve indication, battery empty notifications, and many other useful features.


  • I faced the issue with the gear box.
  • Odd sound can observe while changing the gear.
  • Slight uncomfortness while coming top to down.
  • Difficult to come to neutral while engine is on.

Memorable one day trip to Mekedatu and Shivanasmudra (335kms)

Recently we friends went for one day trip to Shivana Samudra and Mekedatu from Bangalore. 9 of us in 5 bikes. It’s about 335km ride in that day, we left Bangalore in the early morning via Nice road, Kanakapura to Mekedatu. Very nice two way road, so it helped me to reach the speed of 117km/hr, and helped me to thrilling overtake FZ and CBZ of my friends! Never felt a vibration or odd sound in that top speed also. I felt very much comfortable with a great control in riding the heavy bike in small roads, curves, ghat section and in mud road too. First we went to Mekedatu its about 114kms from Bangalore and that too in 2hrs with several breaks. We enjoyed there and planned for one more place to Shivanasamudra 70kms from Mekedatu Very nice two way road again, my bike was showing hungriness in one more race, on the way slight drizzle started but we were in a zoom didn’t slow down, the road grip of the bike was so nice never slipped down anywhere reached Shivanasamudra in just 90mins. We left Shivanasamudra in the late evening 7.30pm the complete darkness, by using fox headlamp. Many dangerous curves and narrow bridges never faced any problem as usual reached first in the night race! It was a very nice trip, very good places you guys will surely enjoy the ride if you plan for Mekedatu and Shivanasamudra as one day trip! Really worth purchasing Pulsar! Life is full of enjoyment, enjoyment and enjoyment!


Sandeep Hegde M.S