Ownership Review: Presenting Varun’s Gorgeous Green Honda CBR150R

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Hi I am Varun Jashnani and am from Mumbai, Maharashtra currently in second year of my Mass Media course. I wasn’t a big fan of bikes untill my dad decided to buy me one.

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Now as my dad nodded a yes for the bike, I had to shortlist some 3 to 4 bikes according to the set budgets. I never knew that Honda launched the CBR 150R so the bike was not on my list. It never came in the front of my eyes actually! CBR 250R was out of the budget for me.

I, then shortlisted the absolutely gorgeous Yamaha R15 V2, the second was the Hero Karizma ZMR, the third was Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS; Of course the list is in decreasing order of price of the bikes :P.

My dad canceled the R15 V2 from my list after seeing the bike’s pillion seat and another reason was the absence of any good Yamaha service centre in our city.My dad would never buy me a Pulsar because I had a bad fall from a friend’s Pulsar 220F and so the Karizma ZMR remained the only option.

My dad gave me a cheque and I reached the dealer to get the white ZMR and then at that point there I saw some green and black bike with a HONDA logo. I was like what the hell, which is this bike? this aint no CBR250R. The dealer told me this is the newly launched CBR 150R and I was like dafaq what to do now!! -_-

I wanted this machine badly. I cancelled the ZMR and returned home deciding that if it is, it has to be the CBR150R otherwise nothing.
After returning home and loads of requesting and pleading my dad, he, at last, decided to allow me to taste the first blood 😀 😀 😀

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And I rushed to the HONDA showroom to have a glimpse at the available colours of the bike.I found the green colour most attractive and on the spot booked it. And then comes the worst part, the wating period! Waiting period was 2 weeks and those two weeks were the longest 2 weeks of my life.

CBR wallpapers, videos, Reviews was all I was into until I received my blade.

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Got a call from Honda showroom that my bike was ready and I just had to go and collect the bike. I was in my college at that point, I excused that I was not feeling good and wanted an early leave but in reality I was feeling super awesome.

As I reached the showroom they told me to wait as the bike was getting Teflon coated and I was feeling butterflies in my stomach.Was absolutely damn happy.


I am not a big fan of high speeds but I can surely say that this bike has got one of the awesomely engineered engines. I don’t know much technical details of the bikes that you can surely find on the internet but all I can say is, when the RPM meter passes 5.5K, the feeling is super great.

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For me the looks of CBR150R easily bangs the looks of CBR250R with sexy graphics and cool colours. It is neck to neck with the R15. Even though the R15 riders turn their heads to see me, whenever I stop by any signal. The attention I get makes me feel I am a superstar 😛
There has been many times that some random kid says “woh dekh cbr” (see that is CBR) it feels fantastic!!!


Even being a sports bike, it doesn’t throw the driver out of the comfort zone. Long drives are stress free, but initially I did feel a bit of pain in my wrists as I was not used to the sitting position of the bike but now rides across city to city are hassle free.

The bike gives me a mileage of 40 to 42 kmpl and I am satisfied. People say the switch gears are of bad quality, there is no engine stop button or pass light button but I never felt the need for pass light and engine stop button as my Activa never had one.

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I feel Honda CBR150R is worth every penny spent. Even after 10 months of purchase I never get bored riding the bike. Each and every time it feels awesome riding the bike, it might be only me but hey its my review 😉

Thank You for your time reading my small review.
Varun Jashnani

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