Ownership Review Contest No.11 – Win a Helmet, a Jacket, a pair of Gloves + 7 Scale Models of Bikes

Just as promised, here is the 11th Ownership Review Contest. This time we are giving away Prizes worth Rs.14,000! The first prize winner will get an awesome helmet, 2nd prize will be a Jacket and 3rd one – a Pair of gloves. If you do not make it in the top 3, no worries – we are still giving away 7 more prizes as consolation prizes. Making it to the top 10 is easy, top 3 will be difficult, to get the Prize No.1, surprise us!

Details of the Contest

  • Contest starts today 20th Feb 2012 and ends by 20th of March 10th of April 2012. (Date extended by 20 days)
  • Write a review of the bike you own in at least 400 words. No maximum limit.
  • Include photos wherever possible. Minimum of 3 photos is compulsory. A photo of you along with your bike adds a lot of credibility and trust to the review.
  • Send your entry to the following email ID. Add photos as an attachment. If the photos are too large, resize it to around 1024×768 pixels using the free software called Light Image Resizer.
  • You will receive a confirmation reply within 48 hours. If you don’t receive a reply, send it again and send a copy to bikeadvice.in (at) gmail.com.

What to Include in the Review – A Guide

  • Inspiration: Talk about how you decided to buy the bike and what inspired to choose the model you have chosen.
  • Regrets: After a few weeks of using it, every biker can find fault with his bike. Just like humans, no bike is 100% perfect. Talk about that.
  • Previous Bikes: If you have owned other bikes in the past, talk about it and compare it with your new buy.
  • Details: Talk about the price, mileage, handling and other details unique to your bike. General details which are available in the official website like specifications of the bike can be left out.
  • Tours: Have you taken your bike for long rides? Talk about the experience of the same.
  • A review with a lot of beautiful photos is always appreciated.

The above points are just a guide and you can write your review in your own unique way – which is most appreciated at BikeAdvice.

You may also find the following video useful…

Prize Details

You can find more details about the prizes in the following links. You can get the color and variant of your choice as long as it is in the same price range.


P.S. If you have participated in a BikeAdvice ownership review contest before, you can participate again as long as you review a new bike. If you want to post the review of the same bike, make it more elaborate and cover the points which you didn’t before.