Ownership Review: Anil & His 3 Year Long Love Affair With Honda Twister

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Hi guys. This is Anil Shinde here from Thane, Maharashtra. This is the first ever review I am writing.

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Till 2011 the only 2 wheeler I knew to ride was a bicycle. I was never interested in owning or riding a bike till 2010. Then, one day a friend suggested that I at least learn to ride a 2 wheeler. The first vehicle I ever tried was a Suzuki Access and I was thrilled by the experience (though I almost hit a guy late night in an almost empty street).

After having this small taste I decided that it was time I bought a bike as I had also just started earning. Thankfully my parents did not object even though they knew I had no idea whatsoever of riding a bike. Thus the search started in August 2010. I had already narrowed down to Hero Honda since a lot of people had recommended these for their quality and after sales service.

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We visited Hero Honda showroom a couple of times. My dad wished me to buy a Splendor or Super Splendor. However, I did not like those as I thought they were too ordinary looking and very common. Bikes above 125cc were ruled out as I was not sure whether I will be able to handle that kind of power and there was also the budget constraint. So I selected HH Glamour. I was about to book it, but as fate would have it they did not have the colour I wanted. Also my brother suggested that we at least take a look at Honda.

So we reached the Honda showroom. As soon as I entered the showroom, I fell in love at first sight. Standing there, gleaming golden was a Twister. I still remember the first time I looked at it. It was everything I wanted from my bike: within budget, low cc, excellent curves, sporty look and a fresh colour.

I spent the next few days researching the bike (that’s when I learnt that it had won the “Indian Motorcycle of the Year” award), reading ownership reviews and dreaming about it. Finally, I went with my dad and booked the bike (Golden Yellow or “Electric Yellow Metallic” was the obvious and the only choice for me).

We booked the bike in December 1st week and were told that I would get the bike by 3rd week with all paper work done. However, my dad insisted that the bike be delivered in January so as to get a 2011 registration (a minor issue). Then finally on 8th January 2011 I went to get my bike. When I first saw her, I fell in love yet again. My brother had to ride it home as I still had never ridden a clutch-gear 2 wheeler before.

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I spent the entire (frustrating) first day trying to pick up in the first gear. With help of a couple of friends I was finally riding after 2-3 late nights of continuous practice. There was a problem of very hard gears the first couple of days. My big toe had started to swell as first to neutral was especially hard. Initial 5-7 days I rode only in first gear (which I regret now). Everyday I used to go out at night to practice riding. Hard gearing problem was solved after 1st servicing.

My first chance at a “long ride” came when a few friends and I went to Mumbai from Thane late night. Even though it was hardly 30 kms ride one way, I truly enjoyed it. My first real long ride came when I rode with Mumbai Musafirs to Kelwa beach which is approx. 100 kms from Mumbai. It was a wonderful experience; riding with a lot of Royal Enfields (where my second affair began; but more on that later), my bike was the tiniest of the group, but I was really happy with my “Precious’” performance.

Riding always gives me joy. Last year I was facing a particularly hard time and my Precious was my therapist. Her mere sight brings me joy and riding her always sooths me. The first time I truly rode I understood what is freedom and peace of mind.
The sad part is that I don’t get much opportunity to ride. After almost 3 years of ownership my Precious (yes, Gollum and the One Ring are the inspiration), I have hardly completed 7000 kms.

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So coming to the business end of the review and leaving aside the tech specs let me get down to the pros and cons.


  • Excellent pick up.
  • Great looks.
  • Good mileage (I get around 60 kmpl which is not that great for a 110cc bike but considering my initial use its quite good).
  • Smooth engine.
  • Does not vibrate even when I go upto 75-80 kmph.
  • Excellent riding posture and comfort.
  • Excellent throttle response.


  • Uncomfortably high rear seat (especially for ladies).
  • Could have used the pass light switch.
  • A recurring problem of sparking near the spark plug cap in monsoons.
  • Quality of plastic parts could have been better.

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My Precious has taught me to ride. True, we have had our falls but she has converted me from a mere rider to a passionate biker.
And even as I write this review I have come to realize that I love her more with each passing day.

PS: I would like to thank BikeAdvice.in for guiding me and thousands of others like me. During my search I referred your “Buyer’s Guide” (where is it now???) for price and tech specs comparison.

Anil Shinde

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