Only 3 Inazumas Sold Since April; Can There be a Bigger Gaffe!

Suzuki’s Inazuma has been in the news lately thanks to its massive 1 lakh price cut. When launched in January, the Inazuma had a sticker price of mind-boggling Rs3.10 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). This hefty price tag for a 250cc, that too for 26.4PS of power and 22Nm of Torque!No way. It just did not make a wee bit of sense!

2012-Suzuki-Inazuma-250-01-221111-1024x768 (Copy)

Yes, we agree that with Inazuma you get build quality, refinement blaa blaa blaa but in simple plain terms it was atrociously overpriced!

Its a big gaffe for which Suzuki had to pay the price. According to a report published on Economic Times, the company has produced about 13 units since April and has managed to convince only 3 buyers to buy the naked tourer! We do not have figures from January but we believe they would also be in single or at most at the entry point of double digits! No wonder they took the easy decision to refund those extra 1 lakh to the existing customers!

Suzuki-Inazuma-Pics (2)

Suzuki’s Executive Vice President Atul Gupta said that there is a lot of demand for the bike but going by some customer feedback the price is high. Suzuki, did you really need a customer feedback to understand the obvious?

The Inazuma was supposed to be Suzuki’s entry point to the premium motorcycle segment in India. Well, things have so far not gone as per their plan, but will it succeed in the future? Will the Inazuma clock better numbers? Or will it fizzle away to nothingness? Only time will tell. But you can definitely tell us if you will buy it at the reduced prices?