On 11-12 Dec, Kawasaki Rumoured to Launch New Small Capacity Bike – Versys 250?

Kawasaki is reportedly going to launch a new motorcycle next month. While details of the bike still remain sketchy, we hope that the company will also keep the Indian market in mind considering the growing demand we have for entry-level performance motorcycles.

As per a report on VisorDown, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer has communicated to them that the upcoming bike ‘will be an all-new small capacity machine’.

This statement is interesting however it has left us confused. Since it will be an ‘all-new’ motorcycle, it can not be the updated Ninja 250/300 or any other product from the existing lineup. This takes our attention to Versys 250, the quarter litre dual purpose motorcycle which has been doing rumour rounds for quite some time now.


The report goes on to claim that the bike will be launched on December 11-12, 2015 in Spain. Versys 250 may also have a bigger 300 cc sibling for different markets. They are expected to share Ninja’s engines and a lot of other gadgetry with focus on all-terrain ride capability.

We already have high hopes considering that Kawasaki is getting very aggressive in India and is already speculated to introduce the single cylinder Ninja 250SL here soon (link to report).