With No Dealerships How Will Ola Service Your Scooter?

Ola home service model is very ambitious and it will be worth a look if the newest entrant in this space can actually manage so many products…

Last month Ola Electric S1 scooter was launched after a massive hype. Ola kept the pre-booking amount at Rs 500 that ensured it received lakhs of interests. Recently, Ola claimed to have bookings worth sale equating to INR 1100 crores.

All of this is okay but the burning question is – how will Ola service your electric scooter without any dealership in the country at the moment (obviously after deliveries start). Where will the customer go in case he faces issues? Or for even regular maintenance?

Well, the answer lies on the official website of Ola Electric. The periodical maintenance and servicing of the Ola electric scooter will be performed at the home of the customer.

Ola Home Service Model

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The scooter usually has a scheduled maintenance every 3 to 6 months which will be predicted by the AI system programmed into the EV. So, the inbuilt AI will let you know when the scooter needs replacement of any component or if is it time for a periodical servicing.

ola home service

At that time the customer can book a doorstep service through the Ola Electric App on their smartphone. 

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If there is some hassle with the electric scooter which is beyond repair from the comfort of the customer’s home then Ola will arrange to pick the scooter and drop it back at the customer’s place after performing the necessary repairs.

Gradually, Ola will establish both online and offline channels but till then it has ambitious plans that we just mentioned. ‘Ambitious’ because it will be very interesting to see if the company can manage to service so many scooters by individual home visits. This would be a herculean task!