Insane 300PS H2R Costs 50,000$ & H2 25,000$ in USA

Kawasaki’s super insane street legal Ninja H2 has finally taken its wraps off its price tag in the United States of America. At 25,000 US dollars (which equates to about Rs 15.46 lakhs) it does not come cheap, so if you want one, get ready to liquidate all your savings and investments.


Well, being the world’s only production motorcycle with a supercharger, no one really expected this limited edition motorcycle to come cheap. Developed in collaboration with Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd, the bike is truly ‘Built Beyond Belief’. The company though has kept the H2 as a limited release for a limited amount of time. In order to buy one, you will have to fill an order form and make a deposit at an authorized Kawasaki dealer before December 19, 2014. Orders will only be taken on a first come first serve basis.

Kawasaki-Ninja-H2-Pics (7)

If you thought that the H2 was crazy, how crazy do you think the track only H2R will be? Well, more than 300PS power does not come cheap and you need to shell out a good 50,000 US dollars (equals to 30.86 lakhs in INR) to get it. Wait, think you can buy it just by thinking of buying it? Kawasaki has a selection process and will sell you one only if the company deems it fit. Yes you need to earn it to deserve it.

It is the costliest Kawasaki on sale right now (even the jet skis are cheaper) but my friend, technology does come at a price.