BUSTED: Uncamouflaged Image Reveals Mahindra 110cc G101 Scooter’s Front

Mahindra’s 125cc powerscooters Rodeo and Duro did well initially but they are falling off the sales charts. However, Mahindra has an ace up its sleeves – the upcoming 110cc G101 scooter which will venture into the fastest selling segment in India.


First busted exclusively by BikeAdvice way back in May 2013, the G101 has been revealed from the front in this lone spyshot by the guys at MotorBeam.com.

This latest uncamouflaged shot gives us full view of the front section. This gives us strong hints of a launch coming up soon, very soon. This would give Mahindra the much needed ‘good chance’ to clock some serious volumes thanks to the upcoming festive rush where buying sentiments are sky high!

Upon first impressions, the scooter looks interesting with a fresher design which includes pseudo air dams at the nose and clear lens side blinkers at the extreme ends of the body. The cool snazzy gill like air slits that were spotted earlier are difficult to be found possibly because of the low resolution of the image. Did Mahindra just axe them?

Mahindra-110cc-Scooter-G101 (2)

G101 (codename) will feature an engine in the vicinity of 110cc, most probably the same unit which does duty on the Centuro obviously with an automatic gearbox. The pulled up large ‘angry’ looking headlamps do not share space with indicators and have a raised hat. Being their first 110cc scooter, Mahindra will be trying hard to make it a cracker of a product and like Centuro we can expect it to be feature loaded.

The G101 has some or the other resemblance with the erstwhile Kinetic Blaze, one of the most intimidating looking scooter the Indian market has seen so far. How will G101 add upto Centuro’s success will be an answer only time will tell but we can expect the scooter to be the most affordable 110cc of the lot.!