New-Gen Classic 350 Recalled Because of Braking Issue

New-Gen Classic 350 recall involves issue in the braking of the single-channel ABS unit variant. Over 23000 units are impacted…

Very recently Royal Enfield celebrated the roll out of their 100,000th unit of 2021 Classic 350 motorcycle. However, as it transpires there has been a recall of the same model. Royal Enfield has announced recall of the new generation Classic 350 over brake related issues.

RE has released an information stating that their technical team has discovered a potential issue in the rear braking system specifically on the new Classic 350 – specially on the rear brake of the single-channel ABS version.

RE further states that their technical team has found that – under specific riding conditions when exceptionally higher braking load is applied on the rear brake pedal, this action could lead to potential damage of the reaction bracket, which could further lead to unusual braking noise, and potential deterioration of braking efficiency in extreme conditions.

classic 350 recall

RE has identified nearly 26,300 Classic 350 units with this issue which are manufactured between 1st of September 2021 and 5th  of December 2021. Royal Enfield says their service teams and/or dealerships will reach out to the affected customers whose Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) falls within the affected manufacturing period mentioned earlier. 

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This is the second instance of recall by Royal Enfield this year. Back in May, RE had announced the recall affecting the Bullet, Classic (older-generation) and Meteor which added up to 2.3 lakh units. The issue identified at that time was a manufacturing defect in the ignition-coil of these models.

It is good to see Indian makers acknowledging defects in manufacturing – a clear case of international exposure and customer focus…