2017 Pulsar 135LS Also Revealed; Gets Unibody Seat: List of 5 Changes

Apart from unibody seat new 2017 Pulsar 135LS also gets 4 other visible changes…

Rajiv Bajaj spilled the beans in September when he announced the upcoming 2017 Pulsar range and little did we know that they have plans to continue with the smallest 135LS as well.

Yes, after the 2017 Pulsar 220, 180 and 150, we now have a video which reveals the new Pulsar LS135 and pictured on this page are screengrabs from the same video.


New 2017 Pulsar LS135 Changes

In terms of changes we can notice the following…

  • New red decals on black colour (like the other 2017 Pulsar range)
  • Split seats have been replaced by a single unibody seat. It also appears to be textured.
  • Split grab-rails have been replaced by a single metal unit.
  • The clip-on handlebar seems to have received black matte-finish. It was glossy black in the older version.
  • Exhaust heat-shield is now blackened. It was chrome-coated on the older version.

What changes have been made to the engine are not known at this point but it may have become BS4-compliant to adhere to the upcoming BS4 emission norms which will come into effect from April 2017 after which old BS3 motorcycles will not be allowed to be sold in India.

2017 Pulsar 135LS Changes – in Pics

Colour theme is similar to the rest of the 2017 Pulsar lineup with new decals
From the current split-seat 2017 Pulsar 135LS gets single unibody seat
The exhaust heat shield has been blackened in matte colour
The clip-on handlebar is also now matte-black (from glossy). The instrument cluster also appears to have received minor changes.
Split grab rail of the older model now gives way to a single piece metal

The older Pulsar 135LS produced 13.56 PS of peak power at 9000 rpm and 11.4 Nm of maximum torque at 7500 rpm from its 134.66 cc 4-valve motor.

Since this video has been shot at some dealership, it is clear that the new motorcycle has started reaching sales points and an official announcement regarding its price is awaited. According to Bajaj’s official website, the current Pulsar LS135 costs Rs 60,178 ex-showroom in Delhi which is precariously close to the new V12!

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