Naked Wolves BSR – Ride to ShikshaGram – Biking for a Cause!

Naked Wolves, a biking group exclusively for Bajaj Pulsar 200NS owners, spread across the Length and breadth of the country as well as in Indonesia, started off in Bangalore around 2 years back.


Soon after the Bangalore chapter, Naked Wolves Mumbai and Pune (NWMP) saw its inception. The group primarily focuses on riding safe and promoting safety on the road. The founders of NWMP define their group as a “construction company dedicated to building safe and disciplined riders for the society”. Statistics say that they are on the right track, as they have the lowest crash rate per km on an all India basis. The club has been applauded by individuals, other clubs as well as by people not even distantly related to motorcycling.

Just like the term CSR goes, BSR or Biker Social Responsibility is an initiative by the NakedWolves family where they help the needy and do not limit themselves to being “Patrons” or benefactors. The wolves philosophy is to bond with the people as friends . On the same lines earlier this year they donated 110 sets each of mattresses, pillows, bed-sheets and pillow covers for the kids at Shikshangram Shelter for Children (read more about the organization here. This year they plan to donate something for the children during their anniversary ride coming up in the month of November.

On the 21st of September 2014 the members from the Mumbai Pune chapter will converge at the shelter in order to speak with the management and also spend time with the kids over a special lunch sponsored by the group. This ride will essentially help the group understand the needs of the children there and will accordingly strategize a fund raiser to buy the items needed by ShikshanGram.