MV Agusta Likely to Foray Into India

If there is one brand of bikes which disturbs my sleep, if there is one brand which I consider is synonymous with track bikes, if there is one brand which I would die to own, if there is one brand which I consider is superior than every other makers across the globe, it has to by my favorite company – MV Agusta.

The company has a great fan base in the Indian sub continent (as long as it has people like me!) All the companies which are the potential threats for MV Agusta across the globe have already marked their presence in the Indian market. MV Agusta should have understood the adage ‘Its better late than never. ’ Moreover, it’s become an untold fact that ‘If you wanna be big, you’ve to be in India.’

MV Agusta in an Italian maker founded in 1945 near Milan in Cascina Costa, Italy. The company was initially started as an aviation company by Count Giovanni Agusta which then got into the bike business. After Count Agusta’s death, the company was handed over to his wife and sons, Domenico, Vincenzo, Mario and Corrado. The company built its reputation in the late 50’s by coming up with its few of the best Café Racer models in the displacement of 125 to 150 cc. These models made the company popular in the hearts and minds of hardcore biking enthusiasts. It was only in the late 70’s that the company forayed into high displacement models.

Few of the competition that MV Agusta will more likely face competition with would be its rival from Italy – Ducati, Aprilla, BMW Motorrad and few other players in this segment.

Mr. Giovanni Castiglioni, CEO of MV Agusta had mentioned in one of his statements that India is a market filled with high potentiality. The company has also expressed its interest in tapping this potential which is shared by many players, off late. The company is concentrating on the premium bike market which will pose huge growth in the coming years.

MV Agusta is on high verge of expanding its market share across the globe. Recently, the Italian maker had forayed into the market s in China, Australia and in some more places. Once, it confirms its plans for the Indian entry, only then the models for India would be let out from the company’s side. But, most of its flagship models like the F4 (which is my dream machine), Brutale 920, Brutale 1090, Brutale 675 might all find its way here in less than an year or so. Brutale is recognized all across the world for its beefy looks.

There are more chances that the company will not showcase any of their products in the Delhi Auto Expo, which will see many new models this year. Did I hear you asking me about the pricing? Well, for sure it’s not gonna be affordable t most of us. It’ll bear a premium price tag so as to compete in the premium segment of mindboggling machines.

How awesome will it be to see MV Agustas on Indian roads zipping past against us? Splendid sight, it would be. Let’s wait till it all really happens.

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