Motul Launches New Motorcycle Lubricants Range – To Hit India Soon

From WSBK to Cross country rallies the bond between the High Performance Engines and Motul Lubricants so far has been proven all over by the amount of Victories they have gained so far. In India Motul started their operations in May 2003 partnered with Indian company to manufacture and market Motul products in India which has been very successful till date. The product line-up Motul offered during the past years has been phenomenal which made many to switch over to Motul from their existing products.


The worldwide expert in the field of Hi-Tech lubricants for use of on- road, off-road and in competition where performance is the only way to gain victories has seen a new horizon of change with the launch of all new range of motorcycle lubricants from their French mother Motul. The French company’s latest offering with highly advanced lubricants time and again reminds us about their constant search for the latest technologies and their encore understanding of the most specific needs of the demanding markets they deal with.

The latest Motorcycle lubricant range from Motul includes lubricants for 4-Stroke and 2-Stroke engines formulated to meet the most demanding and stringent worldwide recognized standards, the API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standard Organization) not to forget the latest OEM manufacture recommendations too. Motul also developed their own ESTERⓇ technology and consistently improved performance of their lubricants over the years which was invited all around the world for its stunning performance and engine reliability that offered in the most tormenting conditions. The latest development from Motul being the ESTER COREⓇ technology that combines the carefully chosen Esters with an optimal selection of high quality synthetic base oils with advanced addictives package to bring out the best possible results that one can only dream of.

Motul who is actively involved in Racing has also developed specific motorcycle lubricants for racing under the name “Factory Line” to deliver extra power, higher torque and keeping engine running cooler. Motul also claims that their new 300V factory line Road Racing gives a power increase of 1.30% while the off-road version offers a torque increase of 2.5% when compared to the previous versions which is a big achievement. The latest offering of general 4-Stroke Motorcycle lubricants available in India also benefits from the latest technology that Motul has to offer by meeting the JASO MA2 specifications which is the most efficient friction level by standards.

In addition to the Technological advances and to give a new look to the new products, Motul has revised its label design to earn itself a special place in the mass motorcycle markets. Changes also include the new 7100 which is pure 100% synthetic oil is now offered in seven different versions of which the new viscosities being 5W40, 10W50 and 15W50 has been added in response to the recommendations made by KTM, BMW, Aprilia & MV Agusta. The most known performance oriented motorcycle lubricant oil in India; 300V has also seen a fresh change with the all-new Red and Black can to emphasize the product’s racing pedigree.

– Ram