Motorcycle Vibrations Can Break iPhones – Apple Warns

In a shocking new revelation from Apple, it has been announced that mounting iPhones on the handlebars of motorcycles can damage the image stabilization sensors of the iPhone camera.

The high amplitude vibrations in a certain frequency range caused due to the vibration of an engine of the bike can ruin the performance of the camera of the premium Apple iPhone.

iPhone camera uses Optical image stabilization and the Auto Focus hardware which are not meant to handle vibrations for a prolonged period of time from the motorcycle engine.

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iPhone 6th Generation and later models have the OIS on them except iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus (telephoto lens) and iPhone 11 doesn’t have OIS.

iPhones on motorcycles
Apple says mounting iPhone on a motorcycle’s handlebar could be problematic…

This is definitely a piece of bad news for those riders who go for long rides and mount their iPhones on the handlebar. The only possible solution is to use a mount that offers vibration dampening of some sort to avoid the iPhone camera catching the vibrations for a longer period of ride.

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Alternatively, bikers can use a tank bag with a smartphone holders and still be able to use their iPhones without subjecting them to engine vibrations.

Otherwise, after this warning from the company, the best option is to keep the iPhone within your trouser pockets. By the way, has anyone of you faced issues after mounting your iPhones on your motorcycle, or know of any such incident…

Source: Apple Support