Motorcycle News of the Near Future (Predictions by Nostradamus)

Nostradamus, the 15th century prophet, sent a mail to BikeAdvice with his predictions about the near future motorcycle news in India. We are still wondering where he got hold of the time machine. We think he went to the future from the past and used the time machine to send an email to BikeAdvice in 2011. Here’s the news he predicted…

Important Note: Due to the discrepancies in the design of the time machine he used, there were many alterations in the message we received. So are not sure what to do, so we are publishing it as is.

  1. MeroHoto as part of its new marketing strategy has decided to conduct ‘Flendor One Make Championship’ every year from now on. Plans are also on for conducting the same kind of championship for its ‘Pressure’ scooter!
  2. VTS Motors will be organizing annual Ride to Himalayas exclusively for its Excel Super riders. Registrations open for this year’s event.(It is to be kept in mind that the riders should not over speed in their Excel along the Express Highways!).
  3. Hajaj is seriously reconsidering the idea of re-launching its flagship model – Bunny with a powerful and a frugal 150cc engine.
  4. Spied: VMW Notorrad Electric Moped. The prototype of ‘concept U’ was spied and photo shot as it was tested in Germany. This electric moped can get recharged not only by the Nitrogen and Sulphur components present in the air, but by using every possible element available!
  5. Tuzuki has decided to bring the Bayahusa and the BSX1000R in the CKD form and assemble them completely in several mechanic shops along the outskirts of Chennai and Bangalore, which would enable the buyers save 3 lakhs of Rupees. Bonda BBR1000R is also likely to follow the same route!
  6. Indian Prime Minister and President likely will endorse together ‘Delite Electric Scooters’. This is done as a part of promoting electric vehicles in India. (Probably they themselves can’t afford petrol anymore!)
  7. Ninth Petrol Hike in the same day. Man arrested in a fuel station for not paying the entire money for the fuel he filled. In court, he says “It was 783 Rs when the guy in the fuel station started to fill petrol for my bike. But the rates got revised twice before he even completed fuelling my bike and it went up by another 31.93 Rupees. So, my argument is that I’ll pay the rate which was fixed at the time he started to fuel my bike”. But unfortunately the court judgement didn’t favour him. According to the 43rd page of the judgement report, it says that the rates have gone up by another 95.41Rs as he was arguing in the court and he has to pay this extra sum of money as well. The price is again subjected to a variation at the time he pays his total due!
  8. MeroHoto to come up with a Dirt Bike by the end of this year of the beginning of next year: Owing to the potholes in almost every Indian road and seriously considering the Indians road conditions, many more manufacturers are also considering the idea of launching the same kind of bikes. Would open up an entirely new bike segment in India!
  9. Hajaj’s Bigger Binja Teaser: The 1567 day countdown for the next Binja which is to step into India as a premium segment bike has begun and Hajaj website has come up with a teaser video for the same. (The fact is that only after the countdown begins, the designers begin working on it!).
  10. Soon you will see ‘MeroHoto has launched the refreshed model of its dirt bike’. But where is the bike on the first hand? Are you so used to the habit of upgrading your bikes for the past couple of months that you even forgot the fact that it will be launched only by this year end? Launch the bike first and then we will think of refreshing its looks!
  11. Bonda has launched the DBR650R in India. But the customers who have booked their DBR250R are still left unanswered on the queries about their delivery. So now the buyers of DBR650R are worrying that by the time they get their bikes, probably an even better bike would be available by the same company!
  12. MotoGP has set new regulations which will be implemented from now on. It’s very simple – No more Petrol Bikes, its all gonna be Electric Scooters from the next race. The regulating body said that more and more teams are stepping out of the way owing to the terrific hikes in fuel prices for the past few months, which is only likely to observe only a northward trend and will never go downward and that’s why this decision was finalized!