And the Mojo Resurfaces at the Auto Expo 2012

Mahindra two wheelers, after testing the waters, decided not to take the Mojo project ahead as it was when first displayed while unveiling their 100cc mass market Stallio back in end 2010. After being kept under the veil for so long, Mojo was yet again showcased at the Auto Expo 2012 and looked absolutely the same when it was first brought into picture.

While Mahindra made it clear that Mojo was a prototype model once at the media test ride ceremony conducted for the Duro DZ (DX that time) at Lavassa near Pune. It was once again made apparent at the Auto Expo that Mojo had been going through finesse and would further go more changes to meet all the challenges which would lie ahead of this ‘love me hate me’ looking bike.

While I feel Mojo would have been the best when it would have been launched the time it was first showcased, it would have gained the first mover advantage along with its long list of impressive features.

Now after the launch of some breathtaking models in this premium segment, it would definitely make life tougher for Mojo especially after coming from a manufacturer who is yet to prove its mettle in the motorcycle segment.

Till the time we bring you more news about Mojo, enjoy its pics from the expo. – Saad Khan