And the Mojo Disappears!

We covered the official unveiling of probably one of the most important launches in the current market on 30th September. Mojo, as they called it, made blogs, websites, magazines soaring to new pages, comments and expectations. Mahindra did mention that it will take some time for them to make the bike available for the roads but something is missing here.

Mojo Goes Missing

I am really confused as to what has happened to the bike which was unveiled with so much of hype. We must also note that the night before the official launch of the bike was to take place Mahindra’s website already revealed the bike which was kept under the black hood for all that time.

That was indeed a big gaffe and gave all the newskeepers to sneak in and reveal it to the world. Since that time Mahindra’s official website went off air with a pertinent ‘Coming Soon’ message for many days altogether. Only recently did the site come back to life after probably more than a month but hey… where is the MOJO?

The site has been refreshed but it only mentions about Stallio in the ‘Motorcycles’ dropdown apart from their scooters. Mahindra’s profile on Facebook doesn’t talk about Mojo anymore. All it talks about is Stallio and their scooters. The Mojo which was displayed during unveiling at the Trident in Mumbai was also a non-functional prototype.

Mahindra’s ‘Best job in India’ winners have also been provided Stallio’s. So effectively, no one has ridden the Mojo apart from the model who advertised the bike in the ‘Tested in Italy, Coming to India’ branded promotional video and Mahindra officials. The big question is why is the company not talking about Mojo any more..?

– Saad Khan