A Million Beasts Prowling on the Road: Apache Scales a New Peak

Apache, the premium brand of TVS Motors, has reached an important milestone in it’s less-than-a-decade journey. The company proudly announced that a million Apaches have been sold, and it’s still going strong.


Apache’s journey began in 2006 when the company launched it with an overbore of the Fiero engine. It boasted of a mill that climbed the revs quickly, and was marketed as a racier, more track-oriented alternative to the existing brands like Pulsar. The basic design of the bike has remained more or less the same, except for the last upgrade in which a radical, beast-inspired theme was exploited to the hilt.

Apache boasts of an oversquare motor that does give other bikes a run for their money when it comes to performance. It also has a characteristic grunt that probably is the cause for it’s sobriquet “The Beast“. Other to-die-for features on the Apache includes a razor-sharp handling, and a light kerb weight. It’s race-oriented approach has also led it to possess some electronic tidbits like the 0-60 acceleration timer and premium features like petal discs and ABS as well.

But it has been dogged by some teething problems. Vibrations from the engine have been a consistent issue, and so has been the lack of grip from the stock TVS Srichakra tyres that are offered in India.

Right now, TVS is running a contest for Apache lovers. The best custom decal design by a fan will let him win an Apache with his design on it. TVS has also declared that Apaches will come with a “One million” badging for a limited period to celebrate the milestone achievement.



Source: Economic Times