Maintenance Guide for Electric Moped Bike in India

A new vehicle brings an equal amount of excitement and caution to maintain its newness. You must be riding your new electric moped bike very carefully to avoid any dents and scratches. And to keep it in good shape, you must also be careful about its upkeep. If you’ve never used an electric moped scooter before or if you’re considering buying one, you probably have a lot of concerns about how to maintain it.

You would expect that maintaining an electric moped scooter would be difficult if you have never gone through the entire process. But that is not the case. It’s not too difficult to service and maintain an electric moped bike. Ergo, here is your maintenance guide for an electric moped in India.

Clean Your Electric Moped Bike

You must keep your electric moped scooter clean. To ensure this, you should clean your electric moped bike before and after taking it for a ride. This will prevent dust deposition on your moped and maintain its good condition. It is important to keep your battery clean at all times.

Tyre Inspection of Your Electric Moped Bike

An electric moped price offers durable tires that don’t easily wear and tear until they are not well maintained. Thus, it is essential to inspect the tires of your electric moped scooter from time to time. It will ensure that it is in good shape and doesn’t damage easily.

Avoiding Water Contact with the Battery

The performance of your electric moped bike depends on the battery. Hence, it is essential to avoid water from making contact with the battery, especially for a longer duration of time. For instance, avoid taking your electric moped scooter out for rides in the rainy season. This will ensure that the battery is protected against any severe damage.

Get it Serviced Regularly

Just like any other fuel- operating vehicle, your electric moped bike requires regular servicing (Every 2 months or 2000 kms). It ensures that your scooter stays in good health in the long run. Nowadays many electric vehicles come with mobile app connectivity that indicates what part of your electric moped scooter needs servicing. Thus, it makes maintenance a piece of cake.

Maintaining the Battery of Your Electric Moped Bike

An electric moped price is fairly affordable and helps save money. However, if you do not maintain the battery properly you might have to end up investing more than you initially expected to spend on an EV. Certain electric moped in India offer swappable batteries for hassle-free charging.

Here are a few tips to help in battery maintenance:

  • Just like it is advised to use the company charger for your smartphones, similarly, it is advisable to use the company charger for your electric moped bike to maintain its efficiency.
  • To keep the battery in good condition it is advised to check for the ideal temperature for its storage. Storage temperature varies from one moped to another.
  • Charge your electric moped bike for its charging time and avoid overcharging it. It might lead to the heating of the battery. Thus, it is advised to wait for at least half an hour before taking it out for a ride.
  • To avoid having to replace your battery in the future, it is advised to charge it completely at least once a month. It is especially important to do if you tend to leave it stationary for longer periods.

Washing Your Electric Moped

Cleaning your EV is important, however, it is not similar to washing your traditional scooters. You must be sure to turn off your scooter and wash it outdoors. And never use a hose since no electric vehicle is 100% waterproof. Use a well-squeezed washcloth to clean your scooter.

There is no set procedure to maintain your electric moped price and keep it brand new.

However, with careful detailing and following the right steps you can ensure the efficiency of your electric moped in India. You can check the Lectrix Ecity Zip if you are looking for the right tough electric moped in India.