Mahindra Set To Launch A Range Of New Motorcycles

The most expected and the eagerly awaited ‘Mahindra two wheelers’ is round the corner and people are already jumping in excitement. In fact Mahindra has created a special teaser video of the bike which shows the bike being tested on a race circuit in Italy. However, only glimpse of the new bike can be seen in the video; people are happy with whatever they are able to see.

The video is shot on the world renowned Moto GP track Vallelunga located in Rome, Italy showcases the bike with the italic credentials. The tag line of the Mahindra’s newest innovation is ‘tested in Italy, coming to India’.

This proves that the bike, before coming to India will undergo rigorous tests in Italy; which otherwise is obvious with the latest showcased video.

The video showcases the advanced technology and better engine performance details are however undercover. People can only wait for the sprawling new 2 wheeler from Mahindra. As far as rumors go, Mahindra might have named the 2 wheeler as ‘Diablo’, which pretty much sounds cooler and energetic.

Though nothing much can be seen from the video, it can be said that the bike has a radiator and also an upside down front fork, this will definitely add to the muscular look of the bike. For now one can only wait for the Italian tested bike to come to India. Let us see how it fares up after a much promising start from the video. Mahindra based its design on Bologna based Engines Engineering, which was acquired by it in the year 2008.

– Atul