Mahindra Invites us to Ride ‘G108’ but What’s That? Gusto 125 or Something Else?

We do not have concrete clues but it may be Gusto 125

In a surprise of sorts, Mahindra has invited us for the first media ride of their scooter which they are referring to by its codename “G108“. No more details have been shared apart from the tagline..

Stand out from the crowd. Vroom ahead of it. Experience the thrill of the new G108 scooter from Mahindra.

Going by the usage of words ‘Vroom ahead’, ‘thrill’, we believe it will be a more powerful scooter than their existing offering – the real good 110cc Gusto. And basing our thoughts on the existing rumours this may turn out to be the bigger 125 cc Gusto.

Why this fixes the puzzle is because no spyshots or other detail of the scooter are available yet and Mahindra may have tested it under the existing Gusto’s clothes so that nobody noticed it.


Nonetheless, Mahindra’s existing Gusto is a nice offering and is doing decently well for the company and expect some more additions soon.

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If you have any details/spyshots of the upcoming G108 scooter, do share with us and stay tuned for our review and word on it by mid of this month…