Mahindra to Focus on Rural Market: Strategy to Enhance its Market Presence

Recent survey reveals that out of the total 2 wheeler sales in the Indian market, close to 60% is attributed to the entry level bikes which fall under 100-110cc of engine displacement. This time, it is Mahindra 2 Wheelers that has seen this as a great scope for future growth and is now working on making use of the demand out here.


The 60% of the total bike sale accounts to about 8.5 lakh to 9 lakh units a month. Though, Mahindra 2 Wheelers marked its entry a little late into this segment the company is now working too aggressively in trying to penetrate into the market with better sales figure.

Mr. Dharmendra Mishra, Vice President, Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited, said, “The Company will provide a wider range of bikes for consumers to select from. The company R&D center is playing a vital role in tapping into various segments.

The company recently launched their Pantero and unveiled the Centuro (due for launch soon). The latter model was launched in Hyderabad yesterday where Mr. Dharmendra had assured that the company is currently working on a Pan-India presence.

With regard to the Centuro, the company is planning to launch this model by the second quarter of this current fiscal year. The company is sure that the demand for two wheelers in general will pick up during the festive season and that the second half of the fiscal will certainly be better than the first half.


Mahindra is also working on new platforms for new models that would satisfy customers across segments. “We are working on several platforms and expect to roll out new models depending upon what the consumers want. This is just the beginning of a long journey. The company began with scooters. With entry into the motorcycle segment, the company will be able to address a much bigger market” he said.

What we know through our sources is that apart from Centuro, Mahindra is planning for another smaller bike, a scooter and the big 300cc Mojo for this year. Mojo has already been caught on test runs near Mahindra’s plant in Pune. Its a lot brewing up at this Pune based newcomer.