Mahindra 2 Wheelers Rises in Kerala

These days we do not get to hear news about some brands like Mahindra, Suzuki and others quite often. The two wheeler industry is dominated by big players who play it big and set strategies to win consumers. In what may come as a surprise; Mahindra 2 Wheelers registered a growth of 147% in Kerala in May 2011. This probably will give a boost to the company as regards their market share and goodwill is concerned.

According to Mr. Devandra Shinde (Vice President Marketing, Mahindra 2 Wheelers) the growth registered by the company is because of the brand acceptance by the people of Kerala since inception. He further said that the company’s network has supported it a lot to improve the sales within the state. He also said that this massive growth rate is result of company’s tremendous brand building and positioning over the last one year.

Although the company has achieved such a massive growth in the state, it owes its credit to the scooter segment than the bike segment. Mahindra Rodeo, Duro and Flyte have been one of the best sellers as they are available at over 30 consumer points across state with over 8 service centers where people can get their vehicles serviced.

As far as national sales of the company are concerned for the month of May 2011; it stood at 10,970 units, a 36% increase in the national sales as against last year. The cumulative sales of the company’s products have crossed 2.5 lakh units with Rodeo contributing 1 lakh unit sales. This pretty much makes it clear that Mahindra owes its sales revenues to scooter segment. All in all, one thing can be made out from this that Mahindra 2 wheelers are so very close to make it big and it is the high time that Honda and other competitors take a note of this. We wish Mahindra all the very best for near future and hope that they succeed in other segments too.