Everything from R3 to Ninja ZX14R Just Got Costlier in Maharashtra

Motorcycle enthusiasts in Maharashtra get ready to shell out more for your new bike! The state government has increased registration charges for all motorcycles. While in the past the registration rates were uniform for all two-wheelers, be it a completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit or a vehicle brought to the country via the completely Built Unit (CBU) route.

Back in the day, the registration rate was charged at 7 per cent overĀ the ex-showroom price of a bike. This though meant that that both CBU and CKD buyers were treated equally. However, the new rates have been not only been divided on the basis of the manufacturing of the bike but also on the their engine displacement.

Yamaha R3 front three quarter 2

New Registration Rates in Maharashtra

For CKDs…

  • Under 99 cc: 8 percent
  • 100 cc to 299 cc: 9 percent
  • Above 300 cc: 10 percent

For CBUs, the registration rates have been more than doubled. A reminder – they were 7 percent earlier… Here are the new rates…

  • Under 99 cc: 16 per centĀ 
  • 100 cc to 299 cc: 18 per cent
  • Above 300 cc: 20 per cent


We do not have any CBU under 99 cc so that goes out of the equation. The brunt though will be on the bigger bike buyers. This is apart from the various taxes of over 100% that are already levied on CBUs!

For a CBU bike costing 10 Lakhs

  • registration rate before hike: ~ Rs 70,000
  • New registration rate: ~Rs 2 Lakhs

The Yamaha R1, for instance, which is priced over Rs 22 lakhs will now attract a new registration rate of nearly four and a half lakhs!

The idea, it appears, is to put the tax burden on guys who can afford it. Share your views if you find this correct…