Live & Exclusive Pics of Demon Black Pulsar RS200; Fear The Black is Back!

Shared by one of our reader, we present the live pics of Pulsar RS200 Demon Black

Bajaj spruced up things by bringing the ‘Fear the Black’ tagline, which was made famous by the first all-black Pulsar 180 DTSi to the new Pulsar series. With the launch of the new Demon Black color, a lot of the prospect buyers are already applauding the move.

The new black color which gets a tinge of red, will be offered along with the existing yellow/white and red/white color schemes. One of our reader Ajo Anil has shared live pics of the new Black Pulsar RS200. Amit Kedari is astride the motorcycle and it is claimed that he is the first owner of the new Pulsar RS200 Demon Black!

Bajaj-Pulsar-RS200-Black-Color-Live-Pics (2)

We tried to confirm in various cities, but it appears that Bajaj has just started despatches of the black color. It is definitely available in Pune but dealers in Delhi and Kolkata did not know about this development till yesterday.

Though the red stripes do add a bit of flavor to the motorcycle but we would still prefer it all black. The good thing about all the pics we have received so far is that the motorcycle sports MRF tyres and not Eurogrips which we informed you a few days back, have made way onto the fastest Pulsar as well (link to report).

Bajaj-Pulsar-RS200-Black-Color-Live-Pics (4)

Check out the pics and make your choice. If you or your friend also owns the motorcycle, do share its pics and/or an ownership review with us…

Black Pulsar RS200 Pics