Leave Comments in BikeAdvice via Facebook!

Did you know that there is a website called Facebook and the whole world is in it? Ok just kidding. 🙂

I have added a new feature to BikeAdvice. Now you can leave comments on posts via your Facebook login. If you have already logged in another window, you can leave comments very easily.

Advantages of Facebook Comments:

  • No need to enter your Name and Email ID (If you are logged-in in Facebook)
  • No need to wait for approval
  • Less chances of people leaving abusive comments (because they have an identity in FB)
  • More interaction
  • Ability to moderate comments by the people I add!
  • Much easier for me – I can focus on the blog’s growth and new posts instead of spending hours on approving comments.

So go ahead and test it out. Leave a comment below via Facebook 🙂

– Deepak Raj

P.S. Fellow bloggers, Want to add this feature to your blog? Contact me if you don’t know how.