Leaked Sketches Reveal Possibility of Faired Z800!

Kawasaki has a wonderful line-up of nakeds in the Z series of motorcycles. The Z1000 is, by far, the most enigmatic and sexy naked design I have seen for a long time; and Z800 follows suit! Bearing an aggressive street fighter look, the bike has been given a beautifully sculpted body which appears to be ready to transform to an autobot at the slightest provocation. While I have not spent a lot of time on its saddle, one thing which caused (minor) problems in my short ride was the lack of wind-protection.

Yes, I understand nakeds are not meant to be real saviours from wind blasts but if something can be done to plug this issue it will be a welcome relief! Guess, what? It appears that Kawasaki is listening and has planned a sort of a faired version for the Z800. Folks at MoreBikes have shared two images which are claimed to be leaked patent pictures of the 2017 Kawasaki Z800.

Kawasaki Z 800 a

The images show the presence of a small¬†fairing around the head lamps along with a visor. The visor doesn’t appear to be long but it should help in deflecting wind to an extent. The side view of the bike’s sketch below also reveals a dotted line stretching right from the visor to the bottom of the engine. It then gets continued over the engine! Are we looking at the first sketches of a faired version of the new Z800? Is Kawasaki planning a sports tourer version of the streetfighter?

Kawasaki Z 800 b

While it may be too soon to put a pin on any of the speculations, the very idea of a faired Z800 seems darn interesting. Z800 currently sports a liquid cooled in-line four cylinder 806 cc mill which produces 113 PS of maximum power at 10,200 rpm and 83 Nm of peak torque at 8,000 rpm.