Moments ago Polaris Industries, known for their All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), has ventured into motorcycle segment of India with the launch of 2014 Indian Cheif range of motorcycles.

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If you are unaware, Indian Motorcycles is now a completely owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries and the acquisition took place in April 2011. American motorcycle manufacturer Indian Motorcycles is known for their heritage and classic styling.

Indian Motorcycles has launched the complete range of 2014 Chief motorcycles in India which include:

  1. Indian Chief Classic
  2. Indian Chief Vintage
  3. Indian Chieftain

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Here are the main pointers of the launch:

  • The complete Chief range is powered by Indian Motorcycles’ new Thunder Stroke 111 engine which produces 139Nm of torque.
  • 2014 Chief range is brought to India via the CBU (Completely built-up units) route hence attracts massive duties.
  • Indian Motorcycles is a 113 year old brand
  • In 2012-13 the 1200+ segment sold 200 units in India and it is expected to grow at 40% this year.
  • Deliveries of Indian Motorcycles will start in March 2014.

Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

Newly developed and named as Thunder Stroke 111 Engine that powers the new Chief range is christened such because of the 111 cubic inch (1811cc) of displacement it sweeps. It is a 49 degree V-Twin air-cooled 4 valves with integrated oil cooler motor with parallel pushrod tubes, down firing exhausts, finned heads, left side air intake etc. The peak torque of 139Nm of torque is produced at 2600rpm. It is mated to a 6-speed overdrive transmission.

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Indian Chief Price in India

Indian Motorcycles has launched the 2014 Chief at the following prices

  • Indian Chief Classic: Rs 26.5 Lakh
  • Indian Chief Vintage: Rs 29.5 Lakh
  • Indian Chieftain: Rs 33 Lakh

All there prices are ex-showroom Delhi

We will share all the details and launch report along with better quality pics shortly.

Indian Motorcycles Launch Pics

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  1. Just by naming the motorcycle “Indian Motorcycle”, its not going to sell in India.

    @24-25 Lakhs, I doubt even they will sell more than 5 pieces !

    • Don mean to offend. But just thought i’d inform. Indian name has been given cause the bike is named after the Red-Indians as we refer to it. Hence the Emblem. Plus this company makes bikes which are rivals to Harley’s premium models. Hence the unnecessarily huge price tag. However i have to agree with you. I doubt at that price they would sell more than 5 pieces. Clearly not a bike for our country.

      • Yes I know their origin, and the naming conventions. that’s precisely what i wanted to say.
        All they want is to cash-in on name !
        As a marketing strategy, they will even waste those few models by gifting them to an celebrity 😀

    • I don’t know you really know their heritage and history!? It’s the American legendary motorcycle maker and one of the oldest motorcycle makers in the world.

      And there are people who have been waiting for this launch since they launched this 3 motorcycles in US 5 months back.

  2. At present day our country has more than 4000 Harleys in our country, yes it’s out of reach for people like us but that does not mean that it’s not gonna sell… 🙂


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