RE Himalayan Launched in UK at 3.80 Lakhs & There Are Two Differences

Himalayan UK vs India: they get a lighter motorcycle….

So, it took Royal Enfield two years to finally muster enough courage to launch the troublesome Himalayan in UK. The fantastic motorcycle concept started off as an exciting offering, only to be let down by the terribly dismal quality control by the manufacturer. Facing flak from the media and the owners, Royal Enfield had to stop production of the motorcycle midway for almost 5-6 months to rectify issues.

Despite tall claims that the new improved version is error-free, Himalayan still remains one of the very unreliable motorcycle in the market. Nonetheless, UK is excited about the Himalayan which goes on to become one of the most affordable adventure tourer there.

It is absolutely the same spec Himalayan that has landed there, which means it produces 24.5 bhp of peak power at 6500 rpm and 32 Nm of maximum torque between 4000-4500 rpm (Indian Himalayan is listed to churn it out at 3250 rpm) from its SOHC 411 cc air-cooled engine which is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. Fuel supply is through a fuel injector and it has a very manageable 800 mm saddle height.

Himalayan UK vs India – Differences

However, for some reason, the UK spec Himalayan weighs 185 kg, which is 6 kg less than the Indian version. Apart from this, it also gets a dual-channel ABS which is not on offer in our domestic market. Expect it to be better and more seriously put together since they will not be able to survive for too long in that country with the kind of shoddy quality they offered in India.

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Himalayan Sleet
Recently launched in India, this Sleet version is not being offered in UK at this point… Click pic to know details about Himalayan Sleet

Himalayan Price in UK

Himalayan costs £ 4199 in UK which corresponds to 3.80 Lakh in INR after conversion.

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Like in India, RE is offering only the snow and granite colours in UK, however, the latest Sleet edition is not being sold there yet.