KTM Will Support MV Agusta With Sales & Services In North America

KTM & MV Agusta partnership for sales in North America is result of the Italian’s ambitions of growing their footprint in the region…

KTM AG (a subsidiary of Pierer Mobility) & Italian Exclusivity brand, MV Agusta have partnered and signed a commercial agreement for several years stating that KTM will facilitate the Distribution, Promotion & Customer Service for MV Agusta bikes in U.S., Canada & Mexico. 

MV Agusta is a premium Italian brand famous for their exclusivity and pieces of art, which we see as motorcycles. Even their tagline is – ‘We do not build motorcycles, We craft emotions’. 

They are the creators of the infamous ‘Brutale’ naked range and the ‘F3’ supersport bikes – which are as menacing as their names, and are termed by all experts as ‘Art in Motion’. It is said that whenever Art is taught in famous named colleges of the world, there is always a picture of an MV Agusta motorcycle in the curriculum – which we are sure is just an exaggeration. 

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However, the problem the Italian brand MV Agusta faces is that because of their exclusivity and limited numbers produced each year, it is difficult for them to manage an effective sales strategy, and that too in a continent on the other side of the globe. Therefore, through this collaboration, KTM have agreed to create a US-based legal entity which will be in-charge of all MV Agusta operations in North America. 

KTM will facilitate in Sales, Promotion and Customer Service of MV Agusta’s range of motorcycles. They will manage and utilise said activity through their own KTM dealerships & new MV Agusta stores. 

With MV Agusta joining hands with KTM, can this be a ray of hope for the exclusive Italian brand to finally consider India?? We would love to see these pieces of art on our roads and hear the iconic 3-cylinder scream of these machines. 

Only time will tell, if MV Agusta will ever consider coming to India and grace us with their presence…