KTM Organises Orange Day in Mumbai: Pics

KTM Racing organised the latest edition of the Orange Day amidst much fan-fare in Mumbai. Unfortunately, people get so buried in the cacophony of life that they simply don’t get the time to rev up their machines and enjoy them the way their DNA is meant to behave.

KTM-Orange-Day-Mumbai-Pics (1)

KTM, the European geniuses realise this pain in the life of their customers who sadly are stuck with their Dukes to take them from point A to point B every single day. And to bring some zest and fun for all the Duke owners, they organise these Orange Days all over the country. A day when people can forget everything and race and feel the wind rushing through their hair.

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The fourth version of the Orange Day started in the evening with a classroom session by a racing expert who explained the basic nuances of racing so that the riders can enjoy the real power of their machines. Then after a quick demonstration, the riders were given a taste of what they had actually come for, a race. The top three were give awards and after the prize distribution a stunt show was organised by professional stunters.

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This was the third time KTM was organising an Orange Day in Mumbai. KTM wants its owners to have a safe environment to race their machines in, something which they are meant to do.

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KTM has been organising such events in all the major cities of India and aims to increase the frequency of these events in due course of time.