KTM Duke Exhaust Submerged in knee depth water

When we first time saw the KTM Duke underbelly exhaust, everybody doubted about its performance in rainy reason. I was also surprised that would it be able to perform well in India, where you have to ride your motorcycle in knee deep water in a rainy season. However, the below video can show you the power of KTM Duke’s Underbelly Exhaust. Pulsar 200NS also has the same exhaust so we can assume that it will be as powerful as KTM Duke’s Exhaust.

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  • Manoj Patil

    Why are there 3 KTM’s used for testing
    Why not on 1???

  • nithish

    wow…never knew it would be a bike that could swim

  • Surprising it made it out of there.

  • Siva

    Nice and useful feature… and what we all expect is other manufacturers have to bring this feature in their bikes…

  • Xohamx

    @Deepak How could the engine survived even after switching it off? Why water did not enter the engine? If you enlighten us..

  • Emothic

    Tats awesome !! Hats off 2 their technology .

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  • Raja

    @Deepak: This same feature will be available for Pulsar 200NS also?

  • Faann

    Useful bike on flood times.

  • *LoneWolf*

    Also we don’t have that water problem with Impulse as the exhaust is present way higher.

  • Subhasis Das

    why there are no reviews these days