If you are a DUKE owner there is a good probability that you have gone to an Orange day. The Dukes lined up side by side do look great but your bike gets lost in this sea of DUKEs, NO?. It is perhaps then, you would want to make your Duke a little special. I am going to ask you a few questions here:. Would you:

Angel eye and HID kit for the Duke 200

  • Want to make your KTM look a little different from others? 
  • Want it to sound different?
  • Want a bit of extra horsepower for an advantage in the Orange day races?

If any of the above questions has the answer yes, then you are at the right place and reading the right article. This article gives you all the available options in the market today with prices and links to websites where you can actually buy them!

A. Performance:

There are a quite a few exhausts available in India today. Here is a detailed list:

1. KTM Duke 200 Ixil X55 Slashed Cone Xtrem (Rs. 18,499)

This is one Unique exhaust which blends so well with the DUKE’s geometric design that it appears to be a stock fitment. The lines are clean and angular just like the DUKE. The aluminium exhaust comes with only 3 KG of weight, has a polished chrome finish and is definitely an attention seeker even when the engine’s turned off. When the engine is turned on, the sound will do the talking. Comes with a DB killer, so it’s absolutely road legal as well.


Don’t take my word on the sound, watch the youtube video below:
(Real sound is a little different usually but video sound is mostly accurate)

(Facing Problems viewing the video, watch it directly at YouTube)

Now that you are done ogling at the Exhaust and listening to its aggressive tones, the next question is where can I buy this? I won’t leave you hanging there; the exhaust is available at PlanetDSG


Note: Ixil has come up with another exhaust for the Duke. It’s called the Hyperlow and it sounds really booming. I am notsure about its availability yet, but you can check PlanetDSG again as they are the dealers.

You tube video:

(Problems? Watch it at YouTube)


2. GPR DEEPTONE exhausts for DUKE 200: (Rs. 17,999)

Not the best looking exhaust out there but definitely has a sound that will make everyone sit up and take notice of your Orange Monster. The simple pipe is really light weight and points up aggressively. Comes with a DB killer and is absolutely road legal.


Check out its sound in the youtube video.

(Problems? View Directly at Youtube)

Same exhaust at the Delhi Orange day:

(Problems? View Directly at Youtube)

Interested? You can head over to Facebook page of Torqued apparel and accessories to buy it.


3. KTM Duke 200 Akrapovik exhaust: (Rs. 30,000 Approximate)

Akrapovik supplies all the exhausts to KTM in their racing teams. Like the KTM moto 3 racer for example. This is the best Exhaust for the Duke. Though available abroad, this has not yet come to India. But KTM dealers will be selling it from the showrooms directly. In the mean time you can directly import it or call performanceracing.in , as they are the Indian dealers of Akrapovik.

Maybe the best sounding exhaust on the DUKE 200, looks pretty good as well. No information on carbon fibre version of it yet. Also it remains to be seen, whether this is a full exhaust system or just a slip on. Performance wise the full exhausts are more useful and they shave of a few kgs of weight. That will just do wonders to the already high power to weight ratio of the Duke 200.

Check out the sound below:

(Problems? Watch it directly at YouTube)

4. LEO Vince exhausts for the KTM DUKE 200: (28,000- Rs. 35,000)

This is one expensive exhaust. The sound is pretty good, I would place it just below the Akrapovik, sound wise. Sold by Bachoo motor & Cycle company in Mumbai. There are 3 options available and personally I think the carbon fibre one is the best looking and it is the least expensive as well. One problem is that these are slip ons and that means minimum performance increase and weight saving. On the other side they sound great and are more environment friendly.

Link to Bachoo Motors


5. K&N Air Filter KT-1211 for KTM Duke 200: (Rs. 3990)

Now with all those free flow exhausts, you will need a good intake system. And when it comes to air filters, nothing beats a K&N. One of the Kolkata KTM showroom owner uses this on his KTM, and he strongly recommends it. Even without the Exhaust modification this upgrade makes the Duke sound better. What I personally liked was the acceleration sound. There was some very superbike like quality in it. As for the performance, it is supposed to give all round slight power upgrade and a little better top end.

K&N Air Filter KT-1211
K&N filters should only be purchased from authorized dealers. Always insist on VAT paid invoice when buying filters.

You can buy it at: PlanetDSG (Pune) & Sniper auto (Mumbai) is selling the same part online in eBay



6. Victory Racing levers for KTM Duke 200: (Rs 2599)

This are nifty add on for the DUKE 200. Long racing style levers in gold. A total Show off!

Victory Racing levers -duke-200
Buy it at EBAY

7. R&G Racing Tail tidy kit:

Don’t like the looks of the unsightly fear fender? Missing that European bike look? Just because KTM has put a functional rear fender in place doesn’t mean you have to keep it that way. This kit takes out the huge fender and puts in a really tiny one.

R&G Racing Tail tidy kit-before

A little tweak that separates your bike from the long series of Orange monsters in the Orange day. Personally I love fender eliminator kits because they dramatize the rear view of the bike. It’s so pure and concept bike like. Fender eliminators aren’t for everyone, I have included pictures, so decide for yourself.

R&G Racing Tail tidy kit-after
You can buy it at Performance Racing


8. Angel eye and HID kit for the Duke 200. (price Rs. 12,000)

The DUKE comes with this cool angel eye and projector headlamp. Comes with an HID bulb of 6000k colour tempreture. The product can be shipped to all over India. Weight is 1.5-1.7 KG.

Angel eye and HID kit for the Duke 200
Please contact Bala Kesavan Sundar (Chennai, 9790861416). Remember similar upgrades are available in all major cities. I have given one example. This is the only non branded product to have made this list. This is best for Chennai buyers. I included this because the Projector headlamp looked damn good.


KTM powerparts:

A lot of visual and aesthetic options are available. You can check out the complete list at KTM’s official Website.


9. Rim paint:

Duke-200-Rim paint

There are lots and lots of designs being done to the Duke. I have shortlisted a couple. You can do anything. Even the wackiest designs end up looking great on the Duke. ( I am not kidding!)

10. Stunt kit/ Crash protectors: (Rs. 5300-8100)

A lot of people are using their Duke’s for stunting. There is very little for the stunt rider in the market and a lot of stunters are hunting the market for such parts. Doing stunts means that you will end up dropping the bike multiple times. Here is a bit of something that will make those drops a little less damaging to your lovely Duke.

Stunt kit Crash protectors

Buy it at Bachoo Motors

I have covered some basic to advanced upgrades. But this bike is so popular that more and more aftermarket parts will come in as time goes by. Add anything which I may have missed. A few of these can be retrofitted to the upcoming monster of Duke 390 as well. One request, if you go ahead and install any of the parts mentioned here, do post pictures of it.



Rahul Mazumder

DISCLAIMER: Whatever is listed here is NOT tested by Team BikeAdvice and nor are we endorsing any product. This list is shared for your information. Pics and videos displayed are credit to respective owners.

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  1. I totally loved the article and its intentions! some people are clueless on what to do with their bike and this seems lot relevant providing ample pointers!

  2. instead of giving you tube link to watch the videos. at least post some of the images of the same videos so that it will be easy for those who cannot watch the video in office or some restricted places…

    • Yeah i agree that Manjunath…
      Many people cannot see the videos for sure…

      Btw .. are you from Davanegere, Karnataka or ever stayed there?

      Do reply

  3. Nice article. quite informative for race enthusiast’s who owns duke. But what about the performance figures like power increase & top whack aftre these mods…

  4. Is there any ECU upgrade or a performance ECU available for the Duke in order to increase its top speed? I am aware of Kiirus but I guess their re-tuned ECU wasn’t really very helpful in incrementing top speed.

    • Contact Joseph Ramsingh or MotoWorld for ECU upgrade and Leo Vince exhausts. Have ridden a duke tuned up with these and its out of this world!!

    • Hi, apart from the Kirius there isn’t much in India. People have done it aboard. If I get any importer option I will share it with you. Have you used any mods with your Duke as of yet?

  5. You guys missed out a main point . ECU Remapping and spockets . ECU remaps offered by kirus and many more . There is also a power commander for duke . The highest top speed recorded so far is 168kmph with just a ecu remap and 38th sprocket .

    • Thanks for this. Please comment on the price and where we can get these items.
      That would really help this article. I really have missed it.

  6. really great article, loved the exhausts.
    BA surely can have such articles for other bikes, and hopefully 200ns will be the next.

    • I wrote this article and I don’t think I can come up with a similar article for Pulsar 200NS. Modifications for the Pulsar is very less as it is not sold internationally. The bike has no aftermarket parts available from reliable manufacturers. For Pulsar only universal parts and local modifications can be used. It toook me quite a while to research the Duke article. I will still try my best to come up with an article for Pulsar.

  7. I don’t get a point at all!!!
    One of the speciality of DUke bike is the exhaust below chasis which is completely hidden powerful enough to run the bike when submerged in water too… then why does someone need an externally visible BIG exhaust??

  8. Superb post .. not seen such useful suggestions to modify the look of our bikes on blogs

    But sadly i do not own KTM Duke, i would request you to post similar for Pulsar 200cc bike 🙂 Plz

  9. Hi Rahul Mazumdar. I need some paint job done on the rims of my Duke 200. Can you suggest me some places in Mumbai who will be able to do it.

    Thank You

    • The new way is to wrap the bike. It looks just like paint and is less expensive. you can get it done in, WrapMeUp. Look at their page in facebook. They are absolutely amazing. They are based in Pune.

  10. Rahul I know u work for planet dsk,as I’m aware u did a lengthy review on an alpine star jacket also u owned a two bro exhaust from dsk, but let me assure u the the mods u mentioned from exhaust system to the projector lamps none of them are road friendly or legal, living in Kolkata I know how cops rams bikers who use them and charge a hefty amount of fine.. I know u trying to fool ppls putting up a nice review with lots of pictures and videos in it, but that won’t work for every everyone don’t endanger ppls because of or stupid commission that u will get from planet disk.. Don’t mislead ppls u did that enough.u even sold or r15 with the two brother exhaust as u got caught infinite times don’t fool ppls.even the Daytona kit is banned by motor vehicle because of noise etc so don’t think ppls will be fool to rush into what u say

    • Don’t write idiotic explanations without knowing anything. I am an Architect and I am not affiliated with planetdsg. (There is no ‘DSK’ in riding gear, ignorant) The Two Brother’s racing exhaust system is street legal. It has passed all pollution tests. I sold the bike because I have bought a Duke 390. I was never caught or fined by Police for the exhaust. The new buyer still calls me and tells me that the bike is great and he wants to buy any of my friend’s well maintained bikes or any future bike I might want to sell.
      Second of all Projector lamps are also legal. HID lamps without projector is illegal. But I have no time to explain the difference to you.
      Thirdly these aftermarket exhausts are sold in Europe and US where they pass more stringent pollution and noise level tests.
      The Daytona racing kit is banned because it’s a race circuit kit only. It doesn’t follow the DB limits as other exhausts do.
      Do remember the only one fool in this page is you. And fools don’t require fooling.

  11. I beg to differ that a stock replacement filter would increase sound or free any ponys….
    Also with regards to the exhausts, which one would you suggest interms of performance?

  12. Replacing the stock air filter with a K&N will only lead to a better exhaust note, there won’t be any difference in terms of real world performance. An ECU remap is required to take advantage of the higher air flow (stock ECU cannot account for it), without a remap the bike will run on a lean mixture which will lead to a drop in performance. A good ECU remap combined with a re-sprocketing, K&N Air Filter and a free flow exhaust system will bring about the best in terms of performance.

  13. seriously this has helped a lot to smack on my friends faces now cuz they compared this with r15 and i needed some sexy points to back fire at them……..so thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

  14. Anxiously lookin’ for an Akrapovic exhaust for my duke 390 here, in Chandigarh, just wanna know whether the one for duke 200 is the same as what we get for duke 390?
    Also, whether installing such an exhaust would do something to the best kmpl the D390 could offer, considering there’s a 3 BHP..ish increase in power?
    I heard somebody say “angel eye HID kit is the only non-branded mod that could make it to this list.” Is there a standard and decently branded kit available?

  15. Mr Rahul can i have know ur fb account or whatsapp contact if possible i want some suggestions about modification of my Duke …
    So if possible pls whatsapp me on +918627967005 or fb.com/MNZOT


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