Maniac Ninja H2R Registers 331.53 Kmph Record at the Isle! Watch the Spine Chilling Video

Kawasaki and top speed records have been synonymous for a long time now. However their recent achievement has not just answered what their flagship can do but has also given the world an idea of their technological brilliance.

Kawasaki factory rider James Hillier got a chance to complete a Parade Lap on board the maniac of a raging bull the H2R is. So guess what top speed did the guy hit? On the famous Sulby straight he hit a GPS measured 206 mph and when converted to the units we understand better….that’s a phenomenal 331.53 kmph!!! Care about knowing the speedometer error in the H2R? Frigging 222 mph (357.27 kmph).

The 1.5 mile long stretch is a part of 37.73 mile (60.72 kmph) track which has been the home to one of the most famous motorcycle racing competition in the world. Although TT races began early in 1907, the Sulby straight became a part of the Mountain Course only in 1911 and is one of the fastest areas of the entire programme.

Kawasaki H2R Isle of Man TT

Yes, 206 mph is the fastest speed ever recorded in a closed circuit section of the Isle of Man TT race but this is not the first time somebody has done it. Back in 2006, Bruce Anstey from New Zealand hit 206 mph during a practice run for the superbike class race on board a race spec Suzuki GSX-R1000.


Getting back to this year’s feat, James Hillier before the start of the race was asked to take it easy on the motorcycle, well, who will if you have an empty stretch and a 300 PS+ supercharged motorcycle at your disposal.

The Kawasaki H2R is a race-spec version of the H2 (which was also recently sold in India) and is not allowed to be used in public roads. The 998 cc liquid cooled in-line four cylinder engine with a supercharger is capable of producing an earth-shattering 310 PS of peak power at 14,000 rpm and 165 Nm of maximum torque at 12,500 rpm. What’s more, with RAM air intakes, one can increase the maximum power output to 326 PS at the same rpm level.

With this we leave you with the real excitement – the video of the speed run and see if it sends shivers down your spine…