This is a review of Kawasaki ZX Ninja posted by Rahul from Chandigarh. I thank him for sharing his experience and photos with the readers of BikeAdvice 🙂

I was always a fan of cruiser bikes. I did not like sports bike at all. But it was the sound of an inline four that turned me on to look into sports bikes. Hayabusas were everywhere. Then it was one of my friend who suggested to buy the Kawasaki ZX Ninja.

Kawasaki ZX Ninja

When I saw the bike, I was just taken aback by the awesome & different looks at first & then by the roar of the engine sound. It was a class apart. The most powerful production bike ever made. Got used to the bike’s speed & handling by riding a few months of stock set up. Kawasaki ZX Ninja’s entire character changes post 6,000 rpm. The sound, behavior everything changes & obviously this is due to the huge power boost from 6,000 rpm as the secondary valves open up. This was done by Kawasaki to keep the emmisions as per regulations.

Kawasaki ZX Ninja

Post getting used to this. The owner of HPC, Greg, helped me set up the bike to come somewhere close to the bike’s potential. The secondary valves were removed, PC3 was mapped & set up. Steering damper, race filter, the speed limiter removed etc were added & that’s when the real Monster was unleashed. Power generation now started from 3000 rpm. In my quest to pass the 200 mph mark, my Kawasaki ZX Ninja 14R was well on its way. 285 kmph has been touched till now. Target is to pass 325 kmph 🙂

Kawasaki ZX Ninja

What I like about this bike is that you just feel like you are sitting on a 400cc bike. Riding position known to be the best in hyperbikes. It is the fastest bike in the world, there is no overheating problem. The only regret I have about this bike is that it is hard to turn the bike around in traffic. Other than this, I truly adore every aspect of this beast.

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  1. Yamaha R1 is more hot than hayabusas and ninja….
    how much it runs for a liter of petrol ?….
    it supports petrol with octane 91 …
    or its engine knocks ??
    it has a slipper clutch ??

  2. Are you serious. The R1 is not even in the same league as the Busa or 14R. Please do some home work before. I didnt understand you, 91 octane is what my bike runs on. Obviously it doesnt knock. As for the features you cant compare a Ninja or Busa with a R1. If you still want to, you will see that R1 is no where close the the technology of whats been put into Ninja or Busa

    • u really have a gud choice bro…this bike is a beast its truly awesome m too planning to take this..its better looking than any r1 or busa..

  3. Fantastic review. Deepak i think you should have added the specs of the bike for the uninitiated. However the Ninja lacks the desire which one finds in a Hayabusa. I recently saw the Ninja in person and would surely pick the 2008 Hayabusa 🙂

  4. 2009 ninja stunning looks with engine level uupgrades valves and piston level changes – latest reports from kawasaki australia launch. got decent HP 25 ; less than Hyosung 250R sports. but top speed is 175 something… A Japanese Ducati.

    Ninja has 2 variants ….it fades only when compared to 250kmph monsters from kawa.

    but even the Honda 125 CBR has 17HP and is fuel injected with needle thin tires and good speed of 125kmph

  5. The 14R Guy: Get your facts right mate. Its not even in the same class.

    YOu should do your home work first. Y2K is indeed the fastest production bike in the world and costs 200,000 dollars. (Please google this one out)

    The 2010 Busa is marginally faster than the 2009 NInja 14R, there is very little to compare between these bikes.
    Anyways, congratulation on getting yourself the monster,

  6. They are not in the same class mate. Thats a Jet Engine & not in-line fours. Plus I’m talking about my 14R, not the production one. This has been enhanced & de-restricted to hit speeds way more than a stock one. If you were to race a 2010 Busa with my 14R, still I would claim that the 14R will take it

  7. Y2k’s definitely the fastest prod. bike in the world. its coz Ted McIntyre of Marine Turbine Technologies Inc. fitted it with a RR Heli. engine which makes the bike the worlds 2nd wheel driven mcycle pwrd by turbine engine. It can do upto 225(mphs) approx. 420 hp. dats the MTT Y2K. while “The ZX-14 & The Hayabusa” hv arnd 186 & 180 hp resp. bt both manage to reach a speed f 210 mphs.

    The MTT Y2k happens to b the costliest mo-bike bt really nt worth 200,000$. In fact I wud get myself a lamborghini with dat money!! Now that i dont I own a ZX-14 MOnster Edition. n m happy with 210mphs!!

  8. The R1 is one of the best litre calss bikes available in the market. The Busa and Zx14 are far more than that. Their engine capacity is around 1400cc. You can compare the ZX-10 with the R1 but nor the ZX14.

    Between the ZX14 and the Busa, those who pick a winner do so only based on marginal differences. You canot say one is better than the other. There are huge fan followings for bothe of these bikes. The choice is personal.

    And for the MTT Y2K, its one freak of a bike. It runs on a Rolls-Royce-Allison Model 250 turboshaft engine and is a one of a kind bike. Riding it could be a scary experiences. It may go into the records as the fastest production bike in the world. But that is not the normal superbike. For example the sound its engine produces makes one feel like riding an airplane rather than a motorbike. So it does not sound offensive or illeterate if one calls the Busa or the Zx14 as the fastest bike. They may not regard the MTT Y2K as a superbike. It infact is a hyper freaky bike.

  9. @Rahul

    How did you get this bike? Are there any dealers in India? And what was the price pay? Does the bike come with a slipper clutch?


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