Exclusive: This ₹10 Lac Motorcycle Replaces Ninja 300 as Largest Selling Kawasaki

Kawasaki Z900 sales have crossed Ninja 300’s – which means the streetfighter is now the largest selling Kawasaki in India, W175 included!

Ninja 300 has been Kawasaki’s bread and butter motorcycle. It is the most affordable meaningful Kawasaki – and nobody knows why the cheap W175 exists in the Jap’s Indian portfolio.

The Ninja 300 is such an important product for Kawasaki that the Indian arm took all the pains to keep it updated with the latest emission norms – when this very version has been discontinued from all the international markets. Being affordable, it was the largest selling Kawasaki in India but surprisingly it has been overtaken by a much costlier motorcycle.

It is the extremely popular near liter class Streetfighter Z900 that has been a hot favorite of buyers in its class and in this exclusive report let me tell you that it is now the largest selling Kawasaki model in the country. Here are the numbers…

Kawasaki Z900 Sales vs Ninja 300

MonthNinja 300Z900
October 2023111119
November 202311990
December 20235176
January 20247871
February 20248382
March 202485150
April 20243850

In the last seven months, the faired Ninja has managed total dispatches of 565 units at an average of almost 80 units a month. In the same period, the Z900 has done 638 units at an average of 91 units per month. And before you ask, the Z900 is also one unit ahead of the W175 – the very un-Kawasaki motorcycle in the stable.

Kawasaki z900 sales
Z900 packs in a lot of ammo for its price…

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According to what I believe, Ninja 300, despite being a wonderful motorcycle still, is now showing its age and it is witnessing falling buyer interest. On the other hand, the Z900 is a great little package of terrific power, that inline 4 engine and aggressive looks – all packed under Rs 10 Lakh! In fact, Z900 is one of the largest selling big bikes in India, if not the largest!

The next step that Kawasaki can take is to localize the new Ninja 500 and sell it at sensible prices so that people get a fresher option in the under Rs 5 Lakh price bracket from the brand, apart from the 300.