How About a Stonker of a 250cc 4-Cylinder Ninja ZX-25R? Rendered!

Much seems to be happening in the quarter litre motorcycle segment. While India is a land of single cylinders, we have, very recently opened up to something more than that!


While we are on this topic of cylinders, let us refresh your memories a bit. When the whole world was going gaga about a certain twin cylinder quarter litre motorcycle by Yamaha, which we now know as the R25, Kawasaki seemed to be shunning away from all the noise and working on a four cylinder quarter litre Ninja. Yes, a four cylinder 250cc when they are already out in the market with a new mono cylinder 250cc engine, as well!

This would not be Kawasaki’s first four cylinder 250cc engine. Between 1988 and in some countries, as late as 2004, Kawasaki used to sell a motorcycle called the ZX-2R or the ZXR 250. The bike had an in-line four cylinder, DOHC, liquid cooled, 16 valve carburetted engine, which churned out 45PS (at 15000 rpm) of mind boggling power and 25.5Nm of torque at 11500rpm. The piece of art redlined at 19000rpm and weighed just 144kg.

Meanwhile, Young Machine (via TMCBlog), a Japanese motorcycle magazine, has released renderings of a Kwacker in green, and is calling it the ZX-25R, the new four cylinder Ninja!

It is also rumored that the next quarter litre Ninja would feature tiny twin head lamps like the Ducati Panigale. If that is indeed true then the ZX-25R shown here is not very far. It also features thin head lamps which are swept back to tame the evilness a bit.

This being 2014, the new 250cc Ninja will also feature a fuel injected air-fuel mixture supply system which will allow the power to be refined and more linear. Throw in a few high performance parts and the bike will score way above its competition. The only problem- don’t expect the bike to come cheap!

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