Kawasaki Ninja 250R – Test Ride Of a Japanese Hooligan

Yesterday was a beautiful day indeed. Guess why? Cause I was one among the very luckiest in Bangalore to test ride Kawasaki Ninja 250R.I was dumb stuck after riding the baby Ninja. I am a bike freak and also a big fan of Kawasaki right from my childhood which made me go even crazy about the bike.

The test drive was actually a luck for me, me and my friend Nishanth had been to probiking showroom on 12 Jun in Bangalore to checkout the Ninja 250 R and we asked for a test drive, the person at pro-biking outlet told us about the test drive event was going to be held on 20th June 2010 at NICE corridor, and we were desperately waiting for it.

Finally the day came, 20th Jun 2010 and I was all excited, took safety gears and left in my friend’s car. The event was organized on the NICE corridor Kanakpura road, Bangalore. We reach there and we see ‘Lime Green “Ninja Staring at us and telling come on take a ride. We registered our names and went for the test drive.

I actually was kind of nervous, since it was the first time I was about to ride a 250cc bike, that too a Ninja! Then I sat on Baby Ninja, I felt its a mini super bike. Cranked and the bike started, completely analog speedo and RPM dial, the exhaust note was so sweet, shifted to first gear and blipped the throttle, there goes the Ninja.

I was looking at the dials and the as soon as the engine crossed 6000rpm I could feel the power, raw power. I was in 3rd gear and I am not kidding I was at a speed of 120kmph which normal bikes cry hard to reach. Then I got that adrenaline rush after the engine crossed 10,000rpm, I was at 140kmph effortlessly. Can’t forget to mention, the bike had zero vibrations in the entire power band. Then I had been told to brake, u won’t believe I was at 140kmph and I braked to 60kmph by just gently pumping the rear brake.

The Braking is awesome too. At any point of the drive, I never felt that I would lose balance, awesome handling and I was so damn comfortable on the bike though I was riding for the first time. Then I had to turn back, and there u go I stepped on and I reached a whopping 100 Kmph in under 4 seconds. I took the bike to a crazy 155kmph speed, but sadly the stretch was over and I had to brake. Well all I can say is Kawasaki Ninja 250R is a normal bike under 6000rpm but once it crosses that 6000rpm mark, 33 horses pulls the bike effortlessly to a whopping speed of 175+Kmph. In short Kawasaki Ninja 250R is mind blowing. But then the question arises, is it worth paying 3.19lacs on this bike. I would personally say YES!!!! It is worth paying that money.So start saving guys and book a Ninja 250.

– Sreekanth