It has been quite simply the most awaited bike on Indian soil, the Kawasaki Ninja. A thoroughbred in every sense of the word, over 25 years of evolution has culminated in this beauty of a machine. We managed to get an up close and personal look at the machine.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 India

As speculated earlier, the bike features a twin cylinder, 250cc fuel injected engine that produces 33bhp which is mated to a six speed transmission. Top speed is claimed to be somewhere around 175Kmph. The bike is imported in parts and assembled in India by Bajaj, which helps in keeping the costs lower than what it would have been to import it as a completely built unit. The on road price stands at around 2,95,000 Rs which happens to be quite a lot, but considering the fact that Bajaj have managed to sell about 170 of these machines since its launch, it has been quite a success.

It features several advances in engine technology such as direct valve actuation and thick pistons along with a Denso radiator which ensures that the engine performs consistently during hard riding. Two catalytic converters are used in the exhaust system, and automatic cam chain tensioner is integrated into the engine that avoids looseness and chain slack hence lowering mechanical noise. The six speed gearbox uses a clutch damper that reduces jerks at low speeds and offers a smoother pick up.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 India (2)

It has a diamond-style frame made of thick steel tubes which translates into high stability and stiffness at high speeds, this frame has been a tried and tested model that has evolved from over twenty years of existence, it carries on with an improved feel over the previous iteration along with new improved materials for light weight and rigidity. The engine with the parallel dual cylinder setup centralizes the bulk of the mass which improves handling.

The front features an inverted shock absorber that has a travel of 4.7 inches and a Uni-Track rear mono-shock that travels 5.1 inches which also happens to be adjustable. The brakes are massive with petal discs for the front and rear. A 290mm disc does the job up front while a 220mm takes care of things at the rear. A slight disappointment would be the lack of colour choices available for the bike, you could coose from Midnight Black or Lime Green and that’s about it. The US market gets to choose from 5 different colours, so we are not sure if Kawasaki will introduce more, but for now these are the only two on offer.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 India (4)

The fuel tank has a 24 litre capacity. One flaw that you may notice is that this bike does not have a fuel gauge, There is, however a low fuel warning light so if you happen to see it lit up, you better be heading to the nearest gas station. You would find two hooks under the rear seat that allows one to anchor or tie anything on to the bike with the help of a cord; also the rear seats feature an elastic band that makes it easy to quickly fasten something on.

Kawasaki Ninja 250 India (3)

The instrument cluster unlike most new bikes in India is a fully analogue one and does quite a good job in representing all the numbers that really matters. It houses the tachometer, speedometer, trip meter, temperature dial and warning lights. A shift indicator can also be found residing on the top of the rev counter.

On the whole, it is a great overall package which happens to be practical; the fuel efficiency is on the low side with Kawasaki claiming around 20 to 25 Kmpl. The 2009 version which is on sale here features some minor changes over the 2008 one, the most visible one being the silencer which is now matt black with a chrome tip instead of the full chrome finish. So, a Maruti Suzuki Alto or the Ninja 250? You decide…

– Arun

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  1. Well Maruti Alto or the ninja? Well for an Indian it would be the alto. The alto is a great product from Maruti with a good mileage of 20kmpl and can carry 5 people plus luggage.

    So for 295000, why would anybody go for this bike? The bike still comes with 105% customes duty thats why the price is so high. The actual worth would be around Rs.1.5 lakh . In my opinion, the r15 at 1 lakh is a much better option. Its more suited to our roads than this bike.

  2. It’s absolutely not fair to compare this beauty with “Maruti Alto”! There are many bikes available in India(thankfully), which are must costlier then many luxury cars but for bike lovers the bike is always a dream which they live for and that dream is priceless and cannot be compared with any car.

    • very true man.!! U can never compare an Alto or any other car with these speed machines. U buy this bike for pure passion. And also u cannot compare Ninja with its so-called rival – Honda CBR 250r. Both the bikes are of different class.

  3. Hi Arun, Nice review – Though i would like to spot a few small info on the report.. The Indian Ninja consist of a 18L Fuel Tank with 4L reserve capacity and so the Low Fuel light will glow once it hit the 4L mark., and you need not go to a Gas station right away – You still have got a 100 KM trip distance to cover before you run out of fuel!

    Also, The colors to chose from are EBONY / Lime Green. The version we have got is that of a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja and not a 2009 as specified in the review. Not but not the least, Please don not compare a Car to a Bike – Some one who want to buy a Ninja will buy a Ninja and not a Alto – Alto and Ninja are two world apart!

    Just said the facts, Nothing to the heart please! πŸ™‚

  4. Good review Arun, We are expecting a road test of Kawasaki Ninja 250 from you soon.About the purchase decision, defenitely it depend upon the customer needs.In my case I will opt for an Alto without a second thought.

  5. The point of the comparison between the alto and this bike is the price point, apart from that the car and the bike are miles apart in almost all aspects…

  6. vineeth was right nobody will go for a 2+ lakh bike unless it wasnt a hardly earned money for 175 kmph where is the road in india to ride at that high speeds with our safety records my opinion is that the govt should not encourage this kind of bikes in the common streets

  7. I totally agree with bikeBhp, its useless to compare the bikes with 4 wheelers. It doesn’t make any sense. I must say purchasing depends upon the type of use your family has. It unfortunate that we Indians have to pay more than double amount, but bikes have their own beauty so please don’t compare Ninja with Alto.
    Dream on once you’ll get the R1 πŸ™‚

  8. @Deepak: Hey Deepak, if that snap is from Jai Bajaj of Adyar, do you reside in Chennai? Nice to hear. Am a regular follower of Bike Advice, nice work buddy, simple and straight forward website.

  9. @Tushal: Yes it is a pic from that showroom but I am not in Chennai. BikeAdvice is a team of 3 writers + me, the editor πŸ™‚

  10. then why dont you guys buy a ford endeavor instead of an CBR1000RR for 15 lakhs. people, a real biker wont find pleasure in riding an alto over a ninja. a motorcyclist will always go for a ninja instead of an alto. that is why ninja is sold in excess of 200 units within months of introduction.

  11. Kawasaki ninja 250cost too much near 295000 i think r15 is the best option for Indian roads its look cool and no one is compared to it…………………….
    r15 rocks………………………………………

  12. I think this is a stupid choice to go with ninja 250 because price r quite high & specification like pulsar220 or hero Honda krizma, it’s totally unfair as well as waste of money according to me we should wait because after few months this will be available around 1 lac on used bikes dealer,

  13. To that creep who mentioned that the R15 is a better bike….. I pity your ignorance….. Know what’s inside then comment on the outside….. Compare the specs of all the bike’s in India with the 250r and you will notice one thing thats unique….. TWIN CYLINDER….. do you know what that means????….. It means it has two pistons….. delivering twice the power….. That means a 220cc zma or dts-i wudn be eating but watchin on binoculars the dust from a 250r…..

  14. All said and done, the only thing that totally puts me off is the analouge meter , first of all you are paying 3,20,000 IRN in city like Bengaluru .
    And do doubt for this hefty amount you get the best on road vehicle of indian roads with one of the best bike makers in the world you also get TWIN Cylinder engine,which is found in bike like RD – 350 (Legendary 2 stroke full power bike of the era which was also know as first indian super bike), its heavyily priced and it also looks like “Mother of all the Indian Pulsar’s” – Seems like Mother has finally arrived but mother has a problem with her Clusters and this time the young son , rather the fastest son is proving it right by her on same very Indian roads with only one major differnce and some minors. Like it misses one more cylinder and probably fuel injection and etc..lets try and make this a point to bajaj r&d fellas that its not a worth to be even satisfied to
    put this Peace in market.. when it was not actually prepared to come out.. thats like making a women pregnant forcefully!!! dont spoil your rep guys and so called kawasaki’s rep too.. time to live in a digital era — bring it on
    to shiver those nerves who feel proud on riding only a digital come analouge meters. That one major change would make blunders for Ninja 250r owners and also will definately boosts the sales by atleast 25% or more — i am sure bike lovers in india would not mind paying probaly 5 to 7 k more for this change in the beast. I come from a race back ground!! been there done that!!

    my only advice to buyers is to wait till there is a cluster change movement in Ninja250r to get the best value for the price & for filthy rich fellas
    this is a mean machine go for it to, use it as a daily commuting vechile , come rough use vehicle. Its mainly when you feel the twin cylinder roaring like a mad dragon. but for others please do not get fooled by the looks and the power.. you might never get that complete grin on your face till you have “A come D” clusters.

    I would love to own it when its prepared to.

  15. I don’t intend to upset or oppose anyone. But, even the epitome of performance bikes, the Suzuki Hayabusa, has these 3 (speedo, tacho, fuel indicator) in analog only. It is not a matter of cost. Wanting a digital console is acceptable but why is it that people are trying to relate it to cost? For some reason Kawasaki must have thought that analog looked more appropriate on this bike. There are people who like it too just like there are people that don’t.

    R15 is great and you might say that the price difference between the Ninja 250 (Rs 3.25 L on road in Chennai) and R15 (1.09 L on road in Chennai) is a lil over 2 lakhs. But please consider the other differences too. You also have 100 CC less, 1 cylinder less, 4 valves less, 16 BHP less and 7 N.m of torque less as well in the R15 in comparison with the baby Ninja.

    The Ninja is a little bit over priced for sure. Blame it on the duties. And a final word. The world is a analog, Digital is just a recreation. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. There is a chance of digi consoles getting wrong because of the sampling rates of the analogue signal from the actual speed-transducer. And also digi is not a faithful representation of the rate of speed increase. There will be gaps (however small they be) in a digi console. So an analogue will always show the speed every unit time.


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