Kawasaki Launches 2-stroke 100cc & 4-stroke 250cc Dirt Bikes in India

KX250, KX100 – these are the best and the only full-fledged dirt bikes you can get in India

Building on their dirt/motocross bike range, after they introduced the KLX 110 last year, Kawasaki has launched KX100 and KX250 in India. Let us talk about them one by one.

Kawasaki KX250


As its name suggests, KX250 is a 249 cc 4-stroke motocross motorcycle with a weight of just 104.3 kg! It is the new 2017 model that has been launched in India which gets a lighter chassis, better clutch and shift, flatter seat and improved handling. Kawasaki informs that this 1.5 kg lighter version is 1.6 seconds quicker than its older model. It comes with three engine maps – standard, hard and soft. True to its use, KX250 comes with a fat 48 mm Showa front forks.

Kawasaki KX250 Price: The motorcycle is priced at Rs 7.14 Lakhs ex-showroom in Delhi.

Kawasaki KX100

This is the entry level dirt bike for learners and comes with a 99 cc 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine! It features 36 mm inverted front forks, 220 mm and 184 mm front and rear disc brakes respectively. To add flexibility, KX100 comes with a 6-position adjustable handlebar including forward and rearward movements.


Kawasaki KX100 Price: This entry level motocross motorcycle will cost you Rs 4.69 Lakhs ex-showroom in Delhi.

Both the motorcycles are imported and are not road-legal which means you can not get them registered for on-road use. These can be used for off-roading in and around your farm-lands and other such areas. This also means that you will not be required to pay any registration charges to own them. These motorcycles will be available at Kawasaki dealerships across India.

It is real interesting – though the prices you may feel are way too high but these are the only dedicated full-fledged machines for off-road/motocross use in India and we must salute Kawasaki for this step. Once this segment blossoms, we will see it becoming more mainstream with other manufacturers joining the fray and the prices going down.

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